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  1. Great links there, thanks for those.
  2. Hi all Its been many years since I delved into the Hyperspin and emulator world, but after being absent, I dug out the old PC that used to host my set up. On boot, I can see that its a Win8.1 Enterprise machine and very outdated! Im going to format it and start afresh, plus update a couple of components in time, but I was interested to see if there is a current set up guide please for Hyperspin? I have all my ROMs and emulators on a separate drive, so Im hoping I can just format and reinstall the OS on the OS drive, then have emulation run smoothly from the other drive that houses ROMs etc. If not, then Im happy to run through a full Hyperspin rebuild (which actually might not be a ad idea as this current set up is years old) but could do with a guide to help refresh my memory on it all. Could someone direct me to the most current one please? Appreciate any help given. Thanks
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