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  1. Would this be executed in RocketLauncher and configured in the RocketLauncherUI?
  2. Right now I have my Hyperspin configured with default wheel randomly spinning after a period of time and stopping on a system that will play the intro video that system. Only after choosing a particular system will that system start spinning picking random games and displaying a sample video for that game. My question is there a way to make Hyperspin spend a certain amount of time at the main menu wheel spinning through systems and then automatically choosing a system to open that systems wheel? And then after a certain period of time exiting back to the main menu wheel? As to keep cycling through games through all of your Hyperspin systems you have configured. I know I can achieve this with a macro keyboard but is there a way to do it within Hyperspin?
  3. I need the Super Nintendo .xml database. I only have the default from 2011 :-( Does anyone have an updated database?
  4. Yeah I noticed yesterday but thought it was just a hiccup on the site. Tried again today and nothing.
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