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  1. Ok thanks, that makes sense - When you were adding your media by copying and pasting with it renamed, did you use anything to "flag" the ones that needed this treatment? Or did you just go through the wheel looking for ones that lacked the preview video?
  2. @Metalzoic I've kind of just lucked up because I also happen to have .175 and so I just used your xml that you linked in this thread. I"m using it and then in HyperHQ I set the options to show parents only. One question - I notice that when I do this, for some of the well known 4 player games, you still are showing the parent 4 player version, along with the now uncloned 2 player version (TMNT, simpsons, etc.). The 2 player versions don't have the preview video/theme/artwork - For these, did you just manually go back through and rename the media to be associated to these? And did you manually go through and "unclone" the original 4 player parents? Finally, to begin splitting into manufacturer wheels, you just load this base xml (the .175 verson you link in this thread) into Don's list tool and then start filtering by manufacturer and exporting them out into their own lists? And save the amount of work, I should do the above in bold FIRST before I load it into Don's tools to begin this task? Thanks for all your help.
  3. Hey were you able to find the answer this? I have the same issue (a "slippery" player 2 joystick).
  4. Hey....having the exact same issue...can you elaborate on what you mean by "remove this thing from the control settings"?
  5. I'm having the exact same issue as this thread...but am not following this tip, what exactly do you need to do? I can navigate hyperspin fine with my xin mo/buttons & joytokey....until I try to launch a game and then it says it can't find the .ini file. I followed the gameroomsolutions guide and saw where it said to make sure your hyperspin folder wasn't set to read-only; but when I try to uncheck the read only box in properties, it sets itself back to read only even though I'm logged into windows 7 as an administrator. Sigh. lol
  6. @Metalzoic Hi Metalzoic, quick question - When you "unclone" the desired rom using this method, and "clone" the parent. (ex. If I was switching the parent to be the simpsons 2 player version instead of the 4 player) - how do you then "resync" your media with themes/video/artwork to now recognize this new parent? I have it working where the 2 player is now the parent, only one showing in HS and will launch, but it doesn't load the artwork/video/theme anymore like it used to do when the 4 player version was the parent. Can't figure it out! Thanks for any help!!
  7. Thank you again for the advise! So just to re-state: I'll still have an individual database folder for each system, including the full Mame list. Each one of these folders, I can customize the XML as I wish using Don's Hyperspin List Generator. Once I have all the XMLs in the folders that I want, I can go into HBL, and sync all the media ONLY to the full mame list. Then, separately from HBL, use symlinks in order to allow the individual manufacturer systems to ALSO use the SAME media that we synced to the full Mame media folder using HBL. Finally, yo're saying that I'll just need to go into each individual manufacturer media folder to add the system logo for the main wheel (I've never used symlink so I'll have to figure out how all of that works) Is this the right understanding?
  8. Thanks for the reply - I may need a little consultation if you don't mind.. My end goal is to have a single systems wheel that has a main "Mame" (arcade classics) wheel, and then all of the arcade manufacturers as individual systems with their own wheels as well. I'd like the Mame wheel to have all the art, videos, themes, everything. All the other systems will just have the wheel art, emumovies, and their "main menu" theme will just show the preview videos of the game (no themes, unlike the main Mame (arcade classics) wheel). I've been using Don's hyperspin tools to filter out all of the games I don't want to show up in the list (mahjong/casino...and games I won't have controls for, such as spinners, trackballs, etc.) In addition, I've been using Don's hyperspin tools to include the specific clones I want to use on my 2 player cabinet (ex. I want the 2 player simpsons game rather than the 4 player, etc. etc.). So, given this is what I'm using Hypersync and Don's tools for today - does it make sense that I just continue using those tools to accomplish what I'm trying to do...? Or is something changing where I won't be able to accomplish what I'm trying to do using this method and I should start learning Hyperbase? And if so, will Hyperbase allow me to do all of the above? I apologize for the long winded message, I'm just so new and just trying to get to where I want to be with the least amount of work possible!!! ***attached image for clarity***
  9. Should I maybe create a "hyperspin 2" folder to test with rather than try to use my existing hyperspin folder? I don't mind starting all over as I'm a total newbie and just trying to configure hyperspin for the first time, how I want it, for when the rest of my cabinet is ready. I've been using Don's hyperspin tool list generator to make my custom lists - does that tool work the same way in hyperbase?
  10. @fr0stbyt3, regarding your other questions - It doesn't say it's stuck on any system, it just shows the animation in orange that it's syncing but doesn't actually do anything. I don't have any settings configured for each system, I did create a unique .ini file for each but have not changed any of the settings.
  11. @fr0stbyt3, This my systems wheel: <menu> <game name="MAME"/> <game name="Atari Classics"/> <game name="Capcom Classics"/> <game name="Cave"/> <game name="Data East Classics"/> <game name="Irem Classics"/> <game name="Konami Classics"/> <game name="Midway Classics"/> <game name="Namco Classics"/> <game name="Nintendo Classics"/> <game name="Sega Classics"/> <game name="SNK Classics"/> <game name="Taito Classics"/> <game name="Williams Classics"/> </menu> Each one has a respective database XML. I've attempted to use hypersync to match up the emumoves and wheel art for each system, which has worked for most of the systems. (It did not work for Nintendo and Sega classics for some reason, the wheel art for the games only shows the names of the roms and there is no emumovies). Was hoping I use hyperbase to get everything cleaner - for example, hypersync did not bring over the letters for all of the systems.
  12. I was able to log into emumovies too! I just clicked sync all after setting my path to my hyperspin folder, what exactly does it do and how long does it take? Will it just take an audit of what I have already setup? Note - I've already synced multiple systems via Hypersync previously.
  13. Hi @fr0stbyt3 It looks like the issue is still here - It now reads that it's version .21, but it says incorrect username and password when I try to login to the emumovies part. The same username/password works directly on the emumovies website (I double checked!)
  14. Hi @fr0stbyt3 I'm trying to install and use Hyperbase as it doesn't seem like Hypersync is working for me anymore and I get this far: 1. I install the 64bit version from your first page in this thread 2. I login to the first main screen 3. I set the path to my Hyperspin folder 4. I try to login to emumovies but it will not connect (says incorrect username/password) 5. I click view all, but it's just a blank screen 6. I click sync all, but it just hangs Hoping you can bounce me back in the right direction... I'm trying to setup my systems wheel for the first time, grouped by arcade manufacturer and having a hard time getting the wheel art and emumovies synced for certain systems (sega classics, nintendo classics) - where originally using Hypersync DID work for other systems, ex. SNK Classics. It also seemed to work fine for the full mame list (Hypersync).
  15. To use the hyperbase live program...is the connection to emumovies down? I can login to emumovies fine from the emumovies website or from hypersync, but when I try to login to emumovies via hyperbase, it says incorrect username/password.
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