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  1. Ok thanks, that makes sense - When you were adding your media by copying and pasting with it renamed, did you use anything to "flag" the ones that needed this treatment? Or did you just go through the wheel looking for ones that lacked the preview video?
  2. @Metalzoic I've kind of just lucked up because I also happen to have .175 and so I just used your xml that you linked in this thread. I"m using it and then in HyperHQ I set the options to show parents only. One question - I notice that when I do this, for some of the well known 4 player games, you still are showing the parent 4 player version, along with the now uncloned 2 player version (TMNT, simpsons, etc.). The 2 player versions don't have the preview video/theme/artwork - For these, did you just manually go back through and rename the media to be associated to these? And did you manually go through and "unclone" the original 4 player parents? Finally, to begin splitting into manufacturer wheels, you just load this base xml (the .175 verson you link in this thread) into Don's list tool and then start filtering by manufacturer and exporting them out into their own lists? And save the amount of work, I should do the above in bold FIRST before I load it into Don's tools to begin this task? Thanks for all your help.
  3. @Metalzoic Hi Metalzoic, quick question - When you "unclone" the desired rom using this method, and "clone" the parent. (ex. If I was switching the parent to be the simpsons 2 player version instead of the 4 player) - how do you then "resync" your media with themes/video/artwork to now recognize this new parent? I have it working where the 2 player is now the parent, only one showing in HS and will launch, but it doesn't load the artwork/video/theme anymore like it used to do when the 4 player version was the parent. Can't figure it out! Thanks for any help!!
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