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  2. open rocketlauncher mame settings then go to skip checks and try the different settings. i had to change mine to rom extension to get my arcade classics to work.
  3. yatsey

    I finally finished my bartop

    looks great
  4. yatsey

    Bartop 2 Player 8 Button Cab

    exelent work there mate
  5. i got my cab from arcade world and like richie_jones says don't skimp on the joysticks and buttons phone them up and ask them what they would recommend. i live close to arcade world so i went and collected my stuff and got to look at a few different joysticks and the cheap ones felt cheap.
  6. yatsey

    Bartop arcade machine

    try ebay for kits or ready built. or www.arcadeworlduk.com for parts i got my full size cab from there .
  7. yatsey

    Sticks and buttons whats the best?

    I got all my stuff from arcade world including my cab. they were very help full with helping me set up the cab if I had any problems.