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  1. andyco40


    why do people still use this when it never gets update. move over to launchbox u sad people i have and its better.
  2. and still no update launchbox all the way.
  3. andyco40


    y does hyperspin never get any updates like launchbox does?? . is it loosing its touch.
  4. so so but never gets updated so moved to launchbox.
  5. andyco40


  6. why do people make requests when a new build comes out 1 year later????.
  7. yes they r for the track ball but they don't get in the way I thought that to but there ok there. and for the corners iv put protecters on now mate.and the buttons on the screen border are for pause, exit, hyperpause, mame config and enter.
  8. hi all this is a wip tell us wot u think of cp layout thanks
  9. trim.B31D5983-39CA-43C6-9F92-5EC7D85CB7F2.MOV
  10. Why is it upside down when I put pics on from my iPad it's never the right way round.
  11. Me old panel And this is my new wip panel
  12. ok guys thanks for the advice.
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