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  1. Thanks for the quick reply...i will be checking that out this weekend.
  2. Hello All, I am looking to build a cocktail style cabinet. Just 2 players (joystick on each end...not along the side). My question is regarding joysticks. Is there a list or spreadsheet (or a way of searching MAME) to find which roms use a 4 way joystick and which ones use 8 way? I currently have an upright acrade that uses the Mag-Stick from Ultimarc...that switches between 4/8. This works fine, but i would like to use just a 4-way joystick if possible...but not sure how many games i will sacrifice if i choose that option. Any advice would be great. Thanks in advance.
  3. Hey sandman...could you send me the Playstation 2 XML ?
  4. I am new to the visual pinball world. I have going over the Pinball Electrical 101 posted on a different forum - http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/forum/showthread.php?12459-Pinball-Electrical-101 I found a couple 24v contactors on eBay and was wondering if anyone has used these and if they are the correct ones. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Allen-Bradley-Contactor-100-C09D-10-100-C09D10-24vdc-Coil-/130967410765?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item1e7e44184d Thanks in advance. P.S. i am aware this is an older thread.
  5. mclarkin9681

    MAME No Nag

    I am indeed on normal HD...thanks for the reply.
  6. mclarkin9681

    MAME No Nag

    Just curious how long it should take to apply patches? Following the above instructions using lastes files, and the first diff file (0148u1.diff) i apply has been running for about 10 min...is that normal?
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