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  1. i have the same one its pretty cool i got it from ebay and i use it for the games and as a primary mouse but once in a blue like it sticks a bit may bey needs a cleaning but its good for the price i just rechecked it on eBay and some one has it for a lesser price then what i paid which was about the same amount as that link you posted but this one is lesser may bey they have different colors too i have another one that's supposed to be here today hopefully because we have to much snow over here the other one is from x arcade. http://www.ebay.com/itm/4-5-cm-of-Diameter-Round-Connector-PC-Trackball-mouse-for-arcade-machine-/281564888872?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item418e933f28
  2. iam running windows 8 64 bit and I have it shelled I learned how to do it on YouTube same method as windows 7 its actually easier on windows 7 check the videos on you tube and you will find it .
  3. sorry to say my name isn't as awesome as what I have read so far in this thread its just my last name and first name put together figured its something iam definitely going to remember to log in the sites I belong to.
  4. I tried it just now and it gives me an error on the web page and it says most likely its under maintenance hopefully it will be back up
  5. I use Bing and yesterday on my cell when I went to the site it did the same thing also has anyone searched for this site and has found the webpage but it says its redirecting you but to this same site ? by any chance ?
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