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  1. thanks for updating this fantastic project! quick question do themes now possibly support artwork proportional scaling? i.e. 0.8 etc
  2. luckyluca


  3. Ok it actually works afterall, sorry for my previous post. I found however that only a few hiscores are actually showing in hyperspin. ( for instance 1941 shows up, 1942 doesn't). I downloaded HiToText from the google source page and the latest hiscore.dat from http://highscore.mameworld.info/download.htm It seems the HiToText xml supports only a subset of the available hiscore.dat games, are there more up to date resources available? THanks a lot for all your help and all the volounteer work that made this possible Luca
  4. Hi, I recently upgraded to hyperlaunch 2.0 and roughly since then, the highscore text in the mame wheel disappeared. I have the hi folder and the hiscore.dat file and mame 0.142 modified and mame.ini setup (basically nothing has changed). And I'm using the .140 BBB ahk file. Do you know if there's anything I need to do to re-enable hiscores? oh and the hi folder is populated properly with mame hiscores, it's just that they're not appearing in hyperspin anymore. thanks for your support! Thanks Luca
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