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  1. I am also having trouble logging into HyperSync. It allows me to login to my EmuMovies account but not my HyperSpin account
  2. Yeah same here but I can live with that.
  3. I have the same set and I use the mame_no_clones version.
  4. I really like your HyperSpin intro,I would like a custom intro with my logo.I attached my logo,any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Metal Mania.png

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    2. oldhag270


      Fantastic work,I love it.

    3. Avar


      I'm glad. Enjoy!

    4. Avar


      And thanks! You gave me the idea to add a reward tier for this on my patreon <3

  5. Ok just got done testing the new build,I found a few problems.First problem is I can no longer log out of Hyper base,the other problem I ran into was database related.I added Sega Genesis along with three different folders one for Sega Genesis,32X,Sega CD.None of the Sega CD games got recognized along with 16t for the Sega Genesis everything else worked fine.
  6. Yes,even uninstalled .35 and installed .36 .
  7. Just tried the new version out and still doing the same thing with Sega Genesis.Only for the 1st game 16t it shows that I have 3 of them,which I don't.All other features seem to be working fine.keep up the good work.
  8. The 1st problem with the Washed Out text was fixed by uninstalling then reinstalling with the latest build
  9. I did delete the Sega Genesis and it comes right back
  10. Just tried with another console as well,it only does it on the Sega Genesis.
  11. Just noticed something else as well,when I synced the Sega Genesis it shows I have 3 of 1 game.But it only does it for the 1st game as shown in the picture.I double checked I only have one of 16t in my folder.
  12. Looks good,can't wait to try it out.
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