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  1. So since we want different things, here are some suggestions:

    • Add both publisher and developer xml tags (requires new feature in HS)
    • Add your own tags, choose where to display them (requires new feature in HS)
    • Insert both in manufacturer-tag: <manufacturer>Bitmap Brothers/Image works</manufacturer>
    • Make two separate databases

    To start with, just add publisher, since thats also easiest to find, but make sure to be consistent and don't mix.

    I like the idea for support for both in the future, and to change the tag names. I think I realize why this tag has some controversy. A manufacturer/developer are people who make things. To put a publisher in a tag labeled manufacturer is backwards. Like TV's for example, there are only a few manufacturers who make panels, but there are many name brands out there that didn't actually make the set, just basically stamped their name on it.

  2. I think both manufacturere/developer tags would be great, somewhere down the line. But it's not needed right now and I don't really care in the end what name is on there. As long as "something" is there is what matters.

    Offtopic - those HL tools sound rather interesting. I am doing a lot of db work for new systems by hand. Any way I can get access to get some new/updated dbs up there?

  3. I also prefer developer over publisher. Usually the publisher has nothing to do with the creating of the game, they just stamped their name on it. It's more interesting to see who actually made the game, whether it was a no-name company or a big name.

  4. Its big but its just one system, take your time, theres no rush. I just did gba by myself whcih was 1100 games and it only took about 8 hours to do.

    But the Year/Manufacturer/Genre are what take a long time, you cannot simply do that in one days work.

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