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  1. Version 1.0.8


    Purpose: Moves roms and other Hyperspin Media that don't match your system's xml (database) out of your folders. Requires: RocketLauncher and at least one rom path set for that system in RocketLauncherUI - WILL NOT work with HyperLaunch. Hotkeys: Escape (Cancel Clean or Exit application) WARNING - This will overwrite files in the "%assetPath% (UNKNOWN)" folder if it already exists. Backup your roms and media first. Reads RocketLauncherUI Systems.xml or Hyperspin's Main Menu xml for systems Reads RocketLauncher system's Emulators.ini for Rom_Paths Logs everything to "Rom Folder Cleaner.log" Press the top ... button to define a custom xml to match your assets Press the bottom ... button to define a custom rom path to match your assets If you have multiple roms with the same name but different extensions, it will think these are good and keep these in your rom folder. ONLY works with console type roms with one file. Have not tested with roms in folders. Known issues: Mapped network drives may return garbage when reading from the path. Resolution: Run it on that pc, not through the network.
  2. 467 downloads

    Needed a tool to quickly go through my roms paths and clean them out of roms that are not found in each HS xml. So Rom Folder Cleaner was born. •It requires RocketLauncher and at least 1 rom path set up for the system you want to clean. •It will only do 1 rom path at a time. Do not ask for doing multiple, it will not happen and is too risky. •It works by matching filenames only. •It does NOT delete anything, simply works by moving files out. •Do not use this for MAME or arcade systems that have bios files in the rom path. You do not have bios files on your xml and will get moved out, breaking your games. •Read the ReadMe.txt for more information and carefully follow the prompts upon startup. If you get a approved number higher than the number of roms in your xml, it means you have multiple roms named the same with different extensions. Example: Quote 01:55:25:600 | Approved Rom - "Adventures of Lex and Grim, The (World) (Unl).7z" 01:55:25:606 | WARNING MULTIPLE ROM FOUND - Approved Rom - "Adventures of Lex and Grim, The (World) (Unl).nes.7z" 01:55:25:612 | WARNING MULTIPLE ROM FOUND - Approved Rom - "Adventures of Lex and Grim, The (World) (Unl).sav.7z" If your status is consistently "Clean ME", it means you have duplicate files and the above example log lines will be in your log for each duplicate file found. So refer to your log to find these. Just because status may say "OK", doesn't mean that everything matches. Status is calculated simply by a file count. So you may still want to clean once. If after cleaning and your status is still OK, then everything matches the xml. http://www.hyperspin...folder-cleaner/
  3. 307 downloads

    This will adjust your Master Volume in Windows Vista/7 to any level you wish, after a set amount of idle time. It will also fade the volume down and back up to normal, rather then an abrupt change. All of this is adjustable via the GUI when you run the app. It will create the settings.ini for you automatically on first use.
  4. I have your next big project, right here. I switched to win8 on my gaming pc, htpc (shelled to xbmc) and uses HS, and my work laptop. I love it and have only run into a few minor issues, but nothing I would go back for.
  5. This is why I've been trying to get brolly off winxp 64bit
  6. That's exactly why I put so many comments in my scripts. I always go back to pull code from them and it's so easy knowing exactly what it does via a comment.
  7. bent, that table works fine for me using my HS module. I can't speak for FPLaunch though as I do not use HP. Do a lot of tables use an exe to launch their backglass? Wondering if that's causing you an issue. FYI, you don't need 2 monitors, just had to turn off the backglass in the vbs script.
  8. I don't have 2 monitors, but I'll see if it works witb my script Sent from my Droid using Tapatalk
  9. In the script, try changing: click 10, 10 to ControlClick,, ahk_class MAME If it doesn't work, can you throw the table up on the ftp for me to test.
  10. What codes are you thanking me for? :)

  11. They are hard to find publicly atm. We may release them in a torrent on UG in the near future. Depends on if the mods allow it as the Singe devs sent UG a notice to take down torrents including Singe...Makes things rather difficult.

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