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  1. Actually I have a small problem. I'm running this on a widescreen monitor. This version is stretching my vertical games to fill the screen which obviously doesn't work right. My 147 version that I'm upgrading from and my uncompiled version of 195 that I got right before this don't do this. I compared my old ini file to your new one and don't see any differences that would cause this. Any idea??? >>>EDIT....... well it appears that enabling 'keepaspect' has solved it # CORE RENDER OPTIONS # keepaspect 1 unevenstretch 1 unevenstretchx 0 unevenstretchy 0 autostretchxy 0 intoverscan 0 intscalex 0 intscaley 0 A little testing with the 'unevenstretch' option enabled gives me approx 1" more on each side for horizontal games.
  2. Thank you sir. MUCH appreciated!!! I haven't done this in like 6 years and really didn't feel like learning it all over again :-) I'm upgrading from 147... is hiscore something that is now natively supported? Do I need to change a setting for this?
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