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  1. Actually I have a small problem. I'm running this on a widescreen monitor. This version is stretching my vertical games to fill the screen which obviously doesn't work right. My 147 version that I'm upgrading from and my uncompiled version of 195 that I got right before this don't do this. I compared my old ini file to your new one and don't see any differences that would cause this. Any idea??? >>>EDIT....... well it appears that enabling 'keepaspect' has solved it # CORE RENDER OPTIONS # keepaspect 1 unevenstretch 1 unevenstretchx 0 unevenstretchy 0 autostretchxy 0 intoverscan 0 intscalex 0 intscaley 0 A little testing with the 'unevenstretch' option enabled gives me approx 1" more on each side for horizontal games.
  2. Thank you sir. MUCH appreciated!!! I haven't done this in like 6 years and really didn't feel like learning it all over again :-) I'm upgrading from 147... is hiscore something that is now natively supported? Do I need to change a setting for this?
  3. Yep, that's correct... all automatic
  4. So far they are awesome. All done automatically when you select a game in Mame. Stay defaulted 8way for C64. The joysticks themselves are really good as well. Great feel to them....
  5. Thanks for all the comments guys. Appreciate it :-) Heh, I don't recall mentioning that.... Good eyes!!! Yeah, perhaps 505 watts and a 10" sub was a little over kill for an arcade cabinet but my god does Robotron sound awesome ....looking back at original post I guess I did mention it... (long week!!) Thanks for the link. I will check them out. Maybe not any extra effort but definitely time! We pretty much just built this from scratch with no real guidelines and nothing to follow. Made up a lot of things as we went along. Glad its finally done. My brother and I started this I think 3-4 years ago then for various reasons before we even got to the control panel stage it was at a complete stand still for over 2 years. Although in that time my brother did a complete Pinbot pinball machine refurbish job! Looks freakin amazing!! I'll be making a post soon about the mixing of MAME with C64 and some other things soon as that proved to be a little bit of a hassle to get it working that way we wanted. Still tweaking but coming along nicely. This week was hectic so didn't get anything done but this weekend will have some free time. Oh yeah, my brother is obsessed with getting the joysticks lit as well so working on that, also!
  6. Thanks... maybe sloppy was an exaggeration... These are the first pics I've taken since it was done and it seems like the pics actually show the flaws more than looking at in real life !!! Just glad its nearing completion after all this time. It is functional at the moment. Got a lot of C64 software kinks to figure out at the moment. Anyone have any suggestions on where to get some custom speaker covers?
  7. After taking probably about a 10 year hiatus from building any arcade related thing I started working on this about 3-4 years ago and then it got put on hold for a long time various reasons. Built this with my brother Jon... we built 2 simultaneously so he has an exact clone at his house. Finally approaching the final stages. 4 player panel. Lighted trackball, spinner, all lighted buttons, servo-sticks for players one and two. Custom artwork by Vlad from Gameongrafix who did an awesome job I think. We didn't do any sideart but it may be added in the future. Still need speaker covers. Running Hyperspin as the frontend. MAME will be the main emulator with Commodore 64 and Astrocade being up there as well. A few others will also be included. We are going to get the joysticks lighted as well... working on that as well as some software tweaking. We have a 32 Samsung widescreen in there that looks amazing. Kind of went nuts with the audio... have a Logitech speaker system with a 10" subwoofer inside!!! Here are a few pics. Please excuse some of the sloppiness of some of the wiring... been making some adjustments and its been getting bullied around a bit. It will all be straightened out in the end :-)
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