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Status Updates posted by pademonium

  1. Residenteuuu Iveul!
    On the menu: Jumps scare galore in the interface, (I worked a lot on the sound design)
    ° A good dozen different and original views!
    ° Background and animated interface changing according to the title
    °Easter eggs and tutti quanti.
    °Fan-made remake of veronica code,
    °version 1.5 of RE2,
    ° Lifted version of the psx episodes,
    °RE4 in playable beta version,
    ° Real-time visit of the spencer mansion (playable) and the police station under unreal engine,
    °Making of and documentaries, bonuses; and maybe even a bestiary! °Release for the end of February!
    Basically the quintessence of what has been done best (and worst too) officially and unofficially on the saga (and no Milla jovovich is not in the Ultima!) 😂
    Same format as for Zelda! that is to say a whole custom big box in stand alone dedicated to the saga!

    Desktop Screenshot 2022.02.15 -

    Desktop Screenshot 2022.02.15 -


    Desktop Screenshot 2022.02.15 -

    Desktop Screenshot 2022.02.15 -

    Desktop Screenshot 2022.02.11 -

    Desktop Screenshot 2022.02.09 -

  2. The next is already finish !


  3. better late than never ;)


  4. KOF Collection is done !  Also 6 Collection Fullset médias available for my patrons  ! Support the creation , support my work on the frontends and rise your interface ! ;)



    1. pademonium


      Not convinced ? 


  5. If you don't know the channel! come and say hello! Rise Your Frontend ! :)



  6. A unified version of my Zelda Collection.

  7.  Castlevania Collection Full set  it's done ! Who's the next ?! (compatible all frontends)

    1. NEO207


      where can i download this? it looks amazing!!! (i also commented on youtube) ?

  8. Resident Evil Collection on Hyperspin most complete!

  9. Domus , he's back ! 


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