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  1. Asparky


  2. I followed this Guide to get mine working:
  3. Asparky

    Hb mame

    Naked Donkey Kong made me laugh. If I had a "Tool" like that, I wouldn't be using it as a Hammer.....Lol.
  4. For peoples interest, I've found the 2 Viruses in question. Like a fool, it did buy one of those drives, I in the end, I used it to up date my Rom collection and then Formatted it. With everybodies help on here, I've got a system, that I have got up and Running. The Viruses to look out for are: Generic_c and Pakes_c. These maybe false positives, though they are flaged up, on different Anti-virus software I do run. Becareful out there, when you do download your bits and pieces, something could turn round and bite.
  5. Try this website,they deal with a lot of questions raised, when using MAME: http://wiki.mamedev.org/index.php/FAQ:Games
  6. I am finding when you use Hypersynic,it is corrupting the Data bases,within the Database folder.... All it downloads,is the file name,with no content.. Good thing,I keep everything backed up...
  7. Could it be this guy,Christopher Shaw? I see he lives in America and sells hard drives, he also has just set up ICloud account, to send out live updates. To had to that, he did have a Torrent going, with everything on it, until he was forced to take it down, as he was sharing material, that he had downloaded from a guy in Germany. That person, proved Christopher didnt have permision to share the material and conntacted his IP provider.
  8. Its been reported at EMU Movies. They are looking in to it.
  9. There seems to be a problem with the servers at EMU Movies at the moment. My Hypersync or FTP to their web site are not responding.
  10. I think you will find,a lot of the Videos,are being replaced with HQ ones. Hence your existing ones being over written. That's what I found,when I updated my MAME setup...
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