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  1. I have a similar issue. Normally I will unplug my CRT to avoid damage and then tunnel into the system using a remote desktop application like UltraVNC or the built in windows 7 one.
  2. Win 7 still has issues with switching between interlaced and progressive modes. If you are CRT that xp64 is your only option right now (unless Win 8 does not suffer from the same issue).
  3. something like this for the PC: http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/bios-beginners,1126-8.html Look at AC Power Loss Restart Also look at smart power strips. They have a master plug which when active will automatically send power to all other devices. So plug your TV into the master plug of the power strip and PC (set to auto wake) into a slave plug on the strip. When the TV is turned on then the PC turns on. If the TV is turned off then the PC power is automatically cut. (of course this method risks disk corruption) You can do the reverse if the TV is set to turn on automatically. Sometimes this requires some soldering of the powerbutton. There are many other ways to accomplish such a feat.
  4. Note: For those of you voting XP you need to read the subject of the poll. Is says "for Hyperspin", not for you. I use XP64 for my CRT cabinet (voted win 8.1 x64) and love it, but getting HyperSpin apps to work on XP has been a major issue for some of the developers. I would not count on it being supported in the future.
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