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  1. They run but are unplayable.
  2. It does work and I remember it being fairly slow even on a high end system. Have you checked your CHD to make sure it matches the rom set? I believe most people choose to play the console version instead since it works better.
  3. Behold, your one site to rule them all: http://nonmess.retrogames.com/ Lists each system and the best emulator combo for each. Updated within the last few months.
  4. somail


    I would upgrade to a newer version and see if the error persists, then head over to the hyperlaunch.net forums. Also try adding a better descriptor in the subject line so the error can be found when a future person searches for it. "wtf" errors are pretty common and can encompass a number of different issues.
  5. I'm not an expert at all on driving equipment, but I think you will need to provide info on the wheel and pedal. Wheel could be analog or optical. The manual for the game shows a test screen with an On/OFF for the accelerator. This tells me it is digital and can be hooked up to a normal ipac as a button press. Easiest solution maybe buying a USB wheel and setting up the analog controls as a joystick in mame. Again, I have never done this, but knowing how mame works it would be my first approach. I would read over this thread and contact its owner: http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/forum/showthread.php?33090-R-Pod-MkII-Driving-Simulator It will hopefully set you on the right path. My guess would be to make both wheel and pedal analog so that you can maximize the games you can play. No idea how that would work on games like Off Road whose wheel would just spin 360 degrees. Maybe reach out to Mr. Do and see if he has hi-res assets for the cabinet (although I doubt it).
  6. I have a similar issue. Normally I will unplug my CRT to avoid damage and then tunnel into the system using a remote desktop application like UltraVNC or the built in windows 7 one.
  7. Stop it, I can't take this much teasing!!!
  8. Others I have been following: Demul progress: http://www.mameworld.info/ubbthreads/showflat.php?Cat=&Number=332625&page=1&view=collapsed&sb=5&o=&vc=1 Model 3 progress: http://www.mameworld.info/ubbthreads/showthreaded.php?Cat=&Number=332990&page=0&view=collapsed&sb=5&o=&fpart=1&vc=1&new=1414341808 and of course the excellent Raiden progress in mame. Visual Pinball development also appears to be moving along at a good pace.
  9. http://nplayers.arcadebelgium.be/ Not HS compatible but could probably be converted into an xml with only moderate efforts.
  10. Personally I have never liked the way pedestal cabinets look. When it's all said and done, an individual's/guest's impression of a cabinet will be made within the first 30 seconds of seeing it. With a full arcade cabinet they know exactly what it is, a pedestal cabinet they are not sure (although they do look fancy). I always enjoy someone's reaction when they say "wow you have an arcade!" vs. "what does this thing do?". Maybe a very black and white way of looking at it, but a pedestal cab should be reserved for someone with very tight space or someone who moves a lot (dorm room / school).
  11. I am a crt guy. That being said, if I was to start from scratch I would go LCD. Crt limits your video card, OS, and front end choices. With HLSL and other options such as scan-line hardware dongles it doesn't make sense from a time, money, or effort standpoint. Another consideration is flexibility when moving. I had to hire professional movers specifically for my 35 inch CRT cabinet. In the long run LCD is just easier and with minimal effort can mimic the looks or crt. Funny thing is that two years ago this was no where near the case. I think crt emulation has come a long way.
  12. somail

    Mame 0.153

    If you know how to use CLRmamepro then about 5 mouse clicks and an hour of cpu time.
  13. None that I know of. Try looking into the groovymame forums at arcade controls. Calamity is working on a Win 7 version of emudriver which may fix things. I know he has an alpha available but I think it comes with other issues.
  14. somail

    Mame 0.153

    you can check any set that has a dat file to check it against. I am sure there are exceptions, but I use CLRmamepro for all of my PD based sets.
  15. somail

    Mame 0.153

    Maybe they do not feel like advertising it......
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