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  1. tim! how are ya? What have you been up to?

  2. UW, if Ace hasn't helped you out with a wheel yet, i did one a while ago - ill put it in the DB...
  3. Is your name Tim also by chance?

  4. Hello I have a question I am having some issues with my emulators working properly under win 7 64bit. Does anyone know If I would be better off downgading to WIN XP OR WIN 7 32BIT os for better compatability with all of the older emulators? thx in advance

  5. I have converted jp's medieval madness to support transparent ramps chriz.I'll see if I can get uw to add my version to the current medieval madness release thread.
  6. Thats such a great example of a pin cab!! Really well done man. I'd love to see a video of this thing in action with a UVP backglass too... timbo
  7. Damn man that looks insane!! Great build so far, cant wait to see what happens next... Keep up the great work dude, el_timbo
  8. AWESOME resource here for future cab builders!! Its pretty much an EncycloPINdia...ahhh lame!! Great work Rawd with the post, thank you el_timbo
  9. Hey guys, I've been busy testing 3B's newest/upcoming FVP release. This version solves a number of issues people were having with ball ghosting, and stuttering. I had similar issues on my setup with the first FVP, however this new release has since fixed the problems. I'm sure Bill will elaborate more on what he has re-scripted and altered, but i just wanted to post to put some minds at ease. Before i was getting around 40 - 50 frames a second (you can test this by pressing the F11 key on your system). Now, i can really open the table up and get the ball sailing around at a silky smooth 60 - 70 fps (see screenshot). My pc is by no means a monster, but its moderate (low end core 2 duo, 9600gt). I hope this will allow you guys to guage what to expect from the next FlashVP installment... Thanks to everyone who took the time to test and provide genuinely helpful/positive/encouraging feedback. Thanks guys, The new FVP hopefully wont be too far away.... el_timbo86
  10. Excellent point here guys, To the guys who have speed issues, yield time is invaluable. Yield time basically passes resources between VP and PinMAME, so i would turn Yield Time off to allow 'full steam ahead'. To do this, open the table in VP, and click the script button. Go to 'edit' -> 'find' and search for 'yield'. This will take you to the correct area of the script. Change the '1' to a '0' and click 'compile' this can be found under the 'script' button at the top of the frame. Save the table again, and exit. Fire up HyperPIN, load Monopoly and see if it helps you... Thanks to LuvThatApex for the handy hint!!I'm sure it will help alot of people squeeze a few extra frames! Timbo
  11. Naice 3B and team!! Congrats on getting this table out!! Looks brilliant, cant wait to play it!! Thanks guys Timbo
  12. Thanks for the interesting read Brenry, certainly an interesting story to follow...
  13. hi

    where can i get your vertical indiana jones version?

    best regards.

  14. WOW! Thats crazy... It'll be interesting to see what unfolds...Cheers for the news RetroBorg!! Timbo
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