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  1. Hey everyone. I've been working on something since yesterday. So I've been trying to make sure I get to together a complete collection of Sega Genesis/Megadrive Cart art but I've found somethings that bothered my OCD quite a bit lol. I've found some great custom carts but I've noticed that all the Ballistic/Accolade carts I found in packs were in the form of the small genesis carts. Honestly, I thought it was great that they were even there at all because filling the void is always a plus. I've made a template and i'm planning to make carts for all Ballistic/Accolade in this form. Any feedback is appreciated. Samples below. Thanks Guys!
  2. that's pretty much the only way for me...I have OCD lol...Here's something else cool i'm working on you might be interested in. Not sure how I would convert if for Hyperspin when i'm finished but given the knowledge, I would love to. these 2 videos... i'm going for a "live" realistic feel.
  3. Thank you. I'm trying to get back to working on things while i have some free time.
  4. Hey Everyone. If anyone is interested...I've recently picked back up my Sega Mega Drive Japan Project and will have an update to my Japan box pack very soon. I've been very slowly working on making some fresh cases for unlicensed and prototype games as well. Also, I've been working on Custom Carts. My Carts will all have a Japan Mega Drive label on the side. Here are some samples. Thanks for your time.
  5. Be sure to subscribe to my channel please! Here is a demo video showcasing some themes i'm working on currently as well as all the above shown bezels as well as some brand new ones! I'm on Version 2 of the Bezels and i've definitely touched up on some things! Also, you can grab all of my bezels shown in the video here https://mega.nz/#!8IEW0Q7Q!rsdz4C3Tm-ObAwlmAmHxSUsZZU793xVM7c_3Z_JZwoM All bezels are meant for 16-9 aspect ratio. Please do not share or distribute anywhere else without my consent. I've been very busy as of late. Thanks everyone and again, please subscribe!
  6. Nope but, im trying to find time to get back on this project. dont worry...it WILL be done.
  7. There's a download for some of the early beta ones above bro.
  8. That's great. Glad you're enjoying them. Remember, these are all subject to change...most are in beta stages. So just wait if you can before including them, I've definitely got some touching up to do.
  9. Cookin up again...just a little bit Neo Geo AES Sony Playstation
  10. Been doing alot of correcting to these console theme/overlays. Fixing major and minor aspects. It will probably be a nice while before I have another update after this so for now I've decided to drop a few others on you. All of the themes, even the ones above are incomplete. Here are some previews. TecToy Master System Sega Mark III Here's where you can grab all 9 of the above BETA Overlays! https://mega.nz/#!VJFXDbaI!-3ahxdWja9u1_MtoqL4vl6hZGZ3_fX7azmiijgLFasw Enjoy.
  11. Thank you very much. I promise I am pushing for these to get finalized.
  12. Just to let you guys know, I havent forgot about releasing these console overlays. I've honestly just been busy with alot of other things and some of these I'm going to tweak a bit more before releasing. Also, I haven't forgot about promising to finish my Custom TG16 3D Box project. Just to show you I'm not dead, here you go..... Have a great day everyone! Let's make some cool stuff!
  13. good lookin out, all taken care of now.
  14. Hey everyone! Haven't posted in a while, been extremely busy with work and life. I've promised alot of things to alot of people, and i'm almost finished alot of projects. I'm sure alot of you understand me when I say "life gets in the way". Anyway, here are some wheels i've made for games that i've done custom box art for, (so it's only right i do the wheels as well) and also for games i just didn't find wheel art for. tryed to keep them as clean as i could without spending all day on them. Maybe I will release a pack down the line. for now, these are yours to use. Thanks for your time.
  15. Thanks all. Was working on this set a little bit yesterday and today and spent time going back working on boxes I had already "finished". When I first started the other day, some boxes I just used a plain black spine when I couldn't think of creating something. I won't be painting on the side for every box, but I will do my best to make them look decent. Here are some of the newer versions of some old boxes. Still alot to be done!
  16. Thanks guys. Here's one last box before I go to bed. I worked hours on this when i know i didn't need to. It's just something about going the extra mile for games that you feel stand out. I've always been a big adventure island fan. did ALOT of painting because I only had a 2D front to start with as usual but, i think it turned out ok.
  17. I can tell you straight up, it's gonna be a while before I get to that but, eventually I definitely will kyoken.
  18. thanks they will be done soon enough. Does anyone know where i can get the font used for the turbografx 16 splatterhouse logo? i'm trying to make a custom box for the epic hack, Splatterhouse Chrome .
  19. Thanks. Would've been done but I've been busy with other stuff.
  20. More than half way done. about 42 boxes left. here are some new ones...
  21. Just did this due to the finishing of my 32X pack...
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