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  1. RetroKenesis

    Custom Disc Art

    Lol... I guess you're right bro. I'm sure We are all famous. I've just never seen someone be so blatant with their bootlegging lol
  2. RetroKenesis

    Custom Disc Art

    some scumbag really used my custom NEO XYX Discart and is selling bootlegs on Ebay. Dude can't even print properly...smh. https://www.ebay.com/itm/183245885187?ul_noapp=true
  3. RetroKenesis

    TurboGrafx 16 3D Boxes

    No worries bro!
  4. RetroKenesis

    TurboGrafx 16 3D Boxes

    Sounds good to me bro!
  5. RetroKenesis

    TurboGrafx 16 3D Boxes

    I only have 27 left to go. I think I can manage that but, If you want to help with PC Engine, that would be awesome. as far as I know, they ALL came in CD cases even though they were cards. If somebody hasn't done them already, I would totally be into helping you get it done.
  6. RetroKenesis

    TurboGrafx 16 3D Boxes

    Unfortunately, No. But, I'm glad that you reminded me about this! Guess I got so overwhelmed with other projects and life in general that I forgot about it.I will get back on it this week bro!
  7. RetroKenesis

    Console Overlays/Bezels

    2 New Bezels. More to come...
  8. RetroKenesis

    Console Overlays/Bezels

    I have plans to do a Europe as well as a Japan version of this. I still need to make a Europe Megadrive theme as well.
  9. RetroKenesis

    Console Overlays/Bezels

    Thanks man, it feels good.
  10. RetroKenesis

    Console Overlays/Bezels

    Hey Guys it's been a while. I've been working on alot of other projects but, I'm back to this one. I will be releasing version 2 of my console bezel project once I've finalized all the new changes after testing. Here is what's new as of right now! Thanks for your time.
  11. RetroKenesis

    Nintendo Famicom 3D Box Pack

    Magical! Thanks!
  12. RetroKenesis

    Retro Overlays by RetroKenesis

    Retro Overlays by RetroKenesis View File 16 custom overlays for retro consoles and handhelds. Submitter RetroKenesis Submitted 05/31/2017 Category Themes (16:9) HyperBase Version Media Dimensions File Count Credits  
  13. RetroKenesis

    Console Overlays/Bezels

    Here is an update to my NES overlay showing Contra some love! I've also updated my famicom overlay in the post above. I'm going to upload my updated pack within the hour with a total of 16 overlays. I started this project with only 1080p in mind but, I've now added 720p support! There will also be all the config files packed as well if you need them for use with RetroArch. Make sure to read the read me first, this way I don't have to explain everything here. I've uploaded them to the Themes 16-9 Section. That's the only suitable place I could think of upping them. Admins, if you need to move them, feel free to do so. Thanks for your time.
  14. RetroKenesis

    Console Overlays/Bezels

    Just got finished playing with this and now...time to sleep! Still want to add a few things to the shelf but for now....this is the prototype. Super Famicom
  15. RetroKenesis

    Sega Mega Drive Japan Project

    I would pretty much dub it as done. Carts as well as cases. I've uploaded the carts and updated the case set. Go get grab it when you want!