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  1.    the main thing would be sending an ir remote code to turn on/off an lcd tv. its great if you have an lcd or other hardware that does not come on when you simply plug it in. with an arduino in your cab it opens up other cool options too. its also cheap. 15$ or so. also it opens up the option of making every emulator timed coin op. Its great to control leds too.
  2. do not buy a hard drive from chris upchurch! the guy is a crook! i have had dealings with him. as far as tank stick goes, another bad idea. making a cp is not that hard and the wiring is easy as it gets.
  3. here is how its done. power entry module, regular power strip, arduino, relay board, ir library, ir led. there is nothing better imo.
  4. not really my thing but what do think?
  5. that game was made with support for leap motion. "The game is the first installment in an episodic rail shooter that uses the Leap Motion device for PCs" Mame does not use Leap Motion device for PCs. But if you get it working that would be great.
  6. i know, i had a hell of a time getting dolphin bar to work for gun games in mame.
  7. you might have some compatibility issues with mame. I think the leap motion will not connect to a pc as a generic hid like a mouse and keyboard. If it works it might open up some new options for trackball games.
  8. trying out some new artwork. I made the sides with xnalara and gimp.
  9. See the point overhang. Gives the wheel a spot to clamp down to. Without the point how would you clamp one on? I guess you could just set it on there but a force feedback wheel would walk all over the place.
  10. It really is comfortable to play on. It does look a little different then most. I might hack the point off of a few of them see how i like it but that means you cant attach a steering wheel to them anymore.
  11. None of the graphics really go together when you put all the generations of star wars together. I decided to go with the new. I might make a old school star wars machine. I like the original movies the best.
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