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  1. So.... I started out with a bartop arcade, I had a really hard time placing it somewhere in my apartment, even though it's smaller than a fullcab it's still takes up more space if that makes sense? Any way, I have for a long time been thinking of mounting a track ball on my control panel the only problem was that the bartop control panel didn't have room for one. I started out building a bigger control panel, I then just built a box for the bartop to stand on, I also built a shelf inside the box so I could move the motherboard as the bartop was to packed, I built in an access panel in the back of the box so I easily could reach the motherboard. I then just designed and printed new vinyl and there you have a make shift fullcab, looks way nicer much more simple to place in one spot. All that's missing now is the coin door and brackets for the marquee.
  2. Hello everyone! I'm sorry I've not been replying to PM's and emails, I've been on holiday for the last couple of weeks. Also, I am unable to make any new orders until I get a new printing partner. I was printing the decals at work and as it have gotten really busy at work I can no longer print them there unless I want to work many hours over time waiting for the printer to be free for personal use. If anyone know of somewhere I get get my art work printed cheap with good quality please let me know. It doesn't really matter if the printing company is in another country.
  3. Bump..... again, come on andmins and mods, sticky already!
  4. Thank you for the kind words mate!
  5. Oh, sorry Dogman213, haven't been checking my messages. I'll give you a quote over PM.
  6. What the hell! It looks like I have to keep bumping this thread until a mod or admin makes it a sticky.
  7. Is there a reason a moderator or admin is not making this thread into a sticky? Seems kinda unfair to me.
  8. Yes, I may be able to to a full scale sonic theme for you, unfortunately it would cost more because the sticker have to be bigger and I have to taylor them to your measurements. Send me a PM with your measurements to get a quote.
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