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  1. Amazing as always! Use the same URL to get latest changes?
  2. Thanks for sharing the steps!
  3. tsk tsk, naughty preconfigured drives. You might want to scan it with a couple of different AV for keyloggers and other nasties they put in them with the stolen work from here. Now back to helping you. What do the logs say?
  4. What's the shielg tv? Are you using the remote control for you TV to shut it down?
  5. Really cool project, keep up the awesome work!
  6. Folks, this is the real deal. The work of a perfectionist! Well organized and only the best of art. A must have for any serious fans! Metalzoic is the man! Thanks a ton for putting this together and sharing.
  7. come on Windows 7, pull ahead bud!
  8. I don't believe those snaps are supported in HS. Somebody else might chime in to confirm.
  9. Come on man, quit honey potting You could put whatever you want on the FTP though. I don't believe that has to follow any sort of structure?
  10. Yes, please! Does is it still stand true that Ghosts 'n Goblins on the NES is still one of the most difficult games ever made?
  11. I've heard you lose out by downloading directly from YouTube.
  12. I believe knewlife made this application. For those wondering what it does : it lets you change your main menu filtering the entries based on the year and genre (type of system)
  13. Use HyperT00ls for batch auditing. FYI, the official XMLs have been updated as well.
  14. Just wanted to chime in and say I have this Out of Order video from one of Austin's super helpful tuts. Do you want me to post it here or upload it? Assuming I have permission from Austin to do so.
  15. Thanks for posting Tribe! I've used this before but never thought of using it for HS installs to keep them in sync.
  16. Got retro on my mind

  17. Anyone interested in working together to make a COOP set collection? PM me.
  18. Can't believe my streaking video made it to the internets. That was the day they almost caught Mr. Baggins but I slipped away again
  19. Welcome back BBB. You're sparking a community HyperBoost!
  20. only 359 supported systems? Boo
  21. *** HI *** ||| JOE ||| please come back ![]!

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