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  1. Thanks for the response. I ended up using a bulk renamer. I still have to do a lot of manual work to correct some details but it's doable.
  2. What i need to do is rename the Amiga rom files that are named according to the hyperlist, (GoldenAxe_v1.3_0017) to the game name (Golden Axe). So instead of a "GoldenAxe_v1.3_0017.zip" i will end up with a "Golden Axe.zip" file. I know the information exists in the hyperlist file. And when i open it in Rocketlauncher, i can see the correct names next to the code names the rom files have. But how to do this? If done, i can use the roms in other frontends that have trouble scrapping the current hyperlist named files. Doing this manually one by one would take days as there are almost 2.000 files here. I also can't do this with Don's tools or the Hyperspin Rom manager. So i'm asking for some help in case someone knows a different tool or if i missed something and i can do this easily.
  3. Anyone? Can you check PC Engine, Wonderswan Color and Atari 5200 intro videos in Hyperspin?
  4. I'm using the latest Hyperspin version 1.416 and i'm updating my main menu system intros from the old .flv files to the new .mp4 ones. I'm using Hypersync to d/l the videos. However, when in Hyperspin i get no sound from some of the new videos like Wonderswan color and Atari 2500. These videos do have sound if i open them in other media players. What worries me is that i also updated all my other game videos as well. Thousand's of files. So i'm not sure how many are affected. Is there a reason why Hyperspin doesn't play sound with some? Edit: Some videos now have sound but no video...
  5. I never had any issue with ROM manager until i decided to build a C64 and Amstrad set. The Amstrad set has 2k+ roms and when i load the xml in the rom manager and hit scan to check my roms, it stops responding. I leave it there for 5 minutes but it won't show any results. Any idea how to fix this? Or should i check the roms in small batches?
  6. Imgema


  7. Nvm, it appears the RetroArch module is outdated and has a few lines that need to be deleted. Specifically these: """ -s """ . srmPath.FilePath . "\" . romName . ".srm"" -S """ . saveStatePath.FilePath . "\" . romName . ".state""" .
  8. Well, i couldn't fix the issue so i did something else. I modified the xmls in most themes so that the assets move faster on the screen. For instance, instead of the box art scrolling for 1.5 seconds to reach it's destination, i changed it to 0.4. This way the box comes into place almost immediately so even when the image tears, it's too fast for the eye to concentrate on it, thus it's much less annoying. So i will modify most of my themes this way. It's better anyway since it feels more "snappy". If anyone is bothered by the same issues, i recommend this "fix". I assume you can modify the time to "0" so your assets appear on the screen without scrolling (thus no tear at all).
  9. Yes i did. At first i thought it worked for some reason but it's not.
  10. I have two monitors, an old, standard PC CRT and an LCD samsung TV. I get screen tearing in the theme screens (not the emulators) in both, even at standard 60hz. I tried all settings in Nvidia panel and i tried both fullscreen and windowed. There is no difference. Hyperspin completely ignores any setting and just likes to tear the themes. This problem persists after several driver updates as well. Maybe it's a graphics card specific problem? But Hyperspin is the only program that does this to me and it's annoying to use. It also kinda defeats it's purpose since Hyperspin is all about the visuals.
  11. Bump. Problem still exists after all this time. No Driver settings fix the horrible screen tearing. I even tested a different monitor and the problem persists. The emulators/games themselves don't have this problem. It's only the Hyperspin UI and themes.
  12. Well, oddly this seems to work better. I still get some minor screen tearing every now and then but overall, it's pretty good. I wonder why this happens though. Edit: No, scratch that, it still has the same problem, it just goes away randomly sometimes.
  13. I already did this (i thought i was clear in my post) and it doesn't work. I do have VSYNC ON as default for all programs but even if i select "ON" specifically for Hyperspin, i still get screen tearing with it.
  14. I was searching for screen tearing problems and found this topic. I just can't get rid of screen tearing in Hyperspin, even when i force vsync with Nvidia panel. All the themes and such look terrible because of this. Is there any other way to force it somehow?
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