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  1. Hi Agent, for the same reasons as yourself - struggling with time. Everytime I get near the completion I find something else to do, I've decided to stick with HS and the artwork I've made even though scaled looks good enough to the point you can't really notice. Once I've finished and deployed this project to my dads "Man Cave", I'll probably have a look at transitioning to RetroFE and do just that, get involved in the source and make it behave more like HS with regards to navigating playlists. I gave up when the new collections I was creating wasn't detecting the roms files in the filepaths and that would be good opportunity to jump into the code and see what's going on.
  2. Thanks for the guidance everyone. I have your flash scaling scripts dark13 (I think you made them anyway!) Ill try to make contact with the devs also, just on the off chance. ;) The resolution isnt so much an issue as the annoying 4:3 width scaling :S Ive tried RetroFE which looks great and has a lot of support for artwork conversion, but it doesnt support the nice Genre playlist wheel we have in HS.
  3. Since HyperSpin only supports 1024x768, I dont really want to migrate away to another FE to support better quality artwork as I have everything set up nicely and HyperSpin does work great. But I really could do with working at 1920x1080 and without having to squash the width of artwork by 75% for 16:9 aspect ratios. Does anybody know how I might go about being able to build a version of HyperSpin myself that supports. I'm a capable software engineer, so I just need access to the source code! Thank you
  4. Hi Creezz, how did you solve this exactly? I have the same issue with wanting to use a button on an Xbox 360 controller and a button on a Logitech R29 racing wheel to invoke the Escape key with Joy2Key? Thanks
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