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  1. Hi Creezz, how did you solve this exactly? I have the same issue with wanting to use a button on an Xbox 360 controller and a button on a Logitech R29 racing wheel to invoke the Escape key with Joy2Key? Thanks
  2. More like about 45gb difference. I recently switched from split to non-merged as split does not contain the same number of files as non-merged, Non-merged will give you a one to one correlation of ROM files to your XML structure. Plus, I like the idea of a single file containing all that is needed for that particular game for portability reasons.
  3. The theme Castlevania - Legacy of Darkness (USA) for N64 downloads a 1kb zip that cannot be opened.
  4. Any really rough ETA on the new HyperBase Live application?
  5. Just purchased the platinum plan - HyperSync works like a charm and I'm extremely happy with it. So thanks for building such a helpful facility. I have however noticed that there is no Genre artwork being synced, I can also not see any option to download such data - if it exists. Is this in the pipeline for future updates? Thanks
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