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  1. I haven't posted here in a long time, but still check day to day. Glad to see an update! Great job!
  2. scooter1974


  3. Do you have 7zip enabled for MAME in RocketLauncherUI? Have you made any changes lately? A log file would be a huge help in troubleshooting this.
  4. You want to point it at the folder that has your HyperSpin.exe file.Then you want to make sure that Joysticks_Enabled is set to true in the script ini file. Make sure you also have the script exe file set in the startup tab in HyperHQ.
  5. Try what agent47 posted. It should fix you right up. I'm using windows 10 and the startup script and it works great.
  6. I like the concept. Keep us updated on your progress. I may use this style to build my cab
  7. I use this as well. It shall now be known as "copy a bunch of shit at once thingy" I like that name more.
  8. Why do you use 4 question marks AND a period????.
  9. When you have the 2600 running, press F1, make your changes and save the current config. When you are setting up a core for the first time, you open Retroarch, load the core, make changes and that is when you save a new config. That is my workflow, so I hope that makes sense.
  10. When you save, are you saving a new config or saving the current config?
  11. This is actually really exciting
  12. They do make delicious bacon though.
  13. So it's settled then. This is the official logo[emoji14]Sent from my SM-T210R using Tapatalk
  14. If you ask them realllly nice, they may let you have them
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