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  1. I ended up coughing up the $130 for a custom bar from virtuapin.net. I got an update from them today letting me know it's being fabricated.
  2. Hey ArcadesRFun... I'd love to buy a custom bar from you for my small cab. Please PM me.
  3. i didn't even notice they were the same, minus the chip... this is becoming frustrating... i really want 5 rgb leds (high power but not cree... too powerful) plus two of those auto led strobes that chris has. my cab is small so those would be hidden, but light up the wall behind or under the cab. the wiz booster board looks great, but only supplies 16 outputs. if i went with three rgb's that's 9 outputs, i could share the strobes and that's 10, leaving 6 for contactors or solenoids or whatever for feedback.... what do you guys recommend?
  4. what do you guys think about using these? http://www.ebay.com/itm/FREE-SHIP-5-x-3W-LED-RGB-Chip-Changing-Full-Color-Lamp-Light-6-pin-350mA-D7-/290707195875?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item43af7fc7e3 i have no idea about the power rating, but would play nice with some 500mA fuses and there resistors? http://www.arcade-electronics.com/detail.aspx?ID=17288
  5. Du kommst aus Deutschland ?

    Vielleicht kannman sich irgendwie helfen, das ist ja sonst immer so 'ne Sache !!!

  6. Du kommst aus Deutschland ?

    Vielleicht kannman sich irgendwie helfen, das ist ja sonst immer so 'ne Sache !!!

  7. I think its close to 6 at the bottom and close to 9 at the top. I will be posting my measuremets in my thread as soon as I get them. I havent took the time to remeasure. Hopefully soon.

  8. thanks for the help so far... i'm air force stationed in germany and i dont have any pins nearby. do you have the dimensions for your cab laying around? i'm trying to figure out my backglass.... i'm assuming it needs to be angled in the same as the playing field so it can be folded closed. what is yours? 6~8 inches deep at the top?

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