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  1. Masterbaite

    Pankapu 4:3 PC

    Cannot download, not authorized
  2. Masterbaite

    No video snaps MAME

    I solved it, decided to try and convert one file to the frame 320*240 and it worked, although it's time consuming. Thanks
  3. Masterbaite

    No video snaps MAME

    Hi guys, i have MAME configures and running on hyperspin, everything works besides, my video snaps I've downloaded a full pack to match my roms from emuparadise, all *.mp4 files, but they show only black screen and sound. I've test with one from emumovies and it works! Is it a conversion problem? Anyone knows how to solve it, it's about 17gb of video, it's a lot to download one at a time from emumovies. Thanks, best regards
  4. Masterbaite