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  1. Hi everyone, i just wondered excluding roms, is there a pack available of emulators that matches the global emu list ? Thanks
  2. Im pretty new to Pincab and I have trolled alot of pages, photos and designs and yet i still come back to this one, probably because the year after I was born Star Wars was released so i grew up with it. Recently I shared it with my son Flynn, whose 4 almost 5. I only showed him the original 3 as the newer ones are just a tad bit too much for him i think. Anyway we have an Mame machine running and I want to add this pinball machine in with our toys. My question is did this design ever get released with cabinet design measurements and artwork available to download? I know it may be stealing someones work, but i honestly look at this as complimenting the build by wanting it for myself and my son. Look forward to hearing back from you. All in all, great work im grateful you have shared it with us.
  3. That's an amazing guide, I just couldn't find the cabinet diagram with measurements on, did i miss that some where? thanks
  4. Hi everyone I was wondering if there was ever a kit or an article on how to build your own DMD? Thanks
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