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  1. Chris! I go away for a year and this is what I come back to??? Perfection. You should write a book... "How to build the perfect VP cab". Crazy good.
  2. one day... one day... i been saying that for a year now. Word of warning to anyone else... finish your cab before it's playable.
  3. Congrats on the build so far... looking really nice.
  4. I think he's saying the actual DMD (the lights panel) is the same size, but the speaker panels gap size can vary. So there is more border around it on some... and thus for SOME panels the 17 inch will produce a gap around the border.
  5. it is odd hey! Even "standard" lock down bars are not standard... so many variations.
  6. Wouldn't be able to sell the tables because that would be an authoring issue... not to mention the artwork in the tables being copyright. In fact techincally even telling people how to get the ROMs etc could cause issue. Just stick to the hardware and you should be fine! Lawyers can get you on so many technicalities if they really want to... There's probably legal issuses involved with re-selling the tvs etc....
  7. tim! how are ya? What have you been up to?

  8. I updated the guide slightly for better layout and some simple descriptions of what the parts are for. *Note it's specifically for a cabinet of my size but can still be a good introduction to the more recent 3 screen setups.
  9. mine just slides down on top of the glass and over the side rails. it's such a tight fit i haven't even bothered screwing it in.

  10. Hi Dan,

    Did you have to do anything to the face of the cab to mount the lockdown bar?

    I have the same one but in a widebody and im not sure how to mount it.



  11. hey chris, how's those tilt bobs working out for your nudge? I'm working on a device that will detect a nudge as soon as the object is moved rather than waiting for it to connect after the nudge. I.e. on a broken contact rather than a received connection. Not sure if it's going to work though. gun looks good! Do you have both that and the plunger? I couldn't see.
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