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  1. This is mindblowing.. Really great work. And the two part marque/advert.display a cool idea for those who dont have the money for a half screen. Can you send the blueprint of the cabinet ?, I love that... :-)
  2. Thanks.. Really appreciate the time and work you have done with this, your explanation of it is perfect. This is a great tutorial. You really made a great piece of work here, that will help alot of hyperspinners, including myselfe. This one deserve to be STICKY under Emulator Setup / Settings.
  3. Count me up for some missing videos. Right now I sitting todo the last C64 videos that are missing in the system.
  4. Looking nice. Cant wait to see more pictures..
  5. Yes I found your video yesterday looking at cabinets on youtube.. great work. Please make a video with your hardware setup, that would be cool to watch. You will get alot of views on that one.
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