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  1. I used spawks tutorial but for some reason cant get it to work. im using 5.9 JoyToKey. Rocketlauncher also looks a little different, using latest version. Problem is I think on the phases 5-9 on spawks tutorial: When i choose default it adds ”default” profile, not the HyperSpin profile i made to JoyToKey. After i tried with default HyperSpin didnt listen to KB either 😬. Deleted JoyTOKey process ftom taskmanager and worked again?
  2. 1. Yes, I know this. My biggest problem is that i want to use Hyperspin Frontend with the controllers, not with KB and Mouse... - which is not possible as they dont work atm., the wheel keeps on turning and i have to kill the process and use only KB when i launch it again, doesnt work always then either.... If i disable the joysticks from HyperHQ i can use KB normally to choose right emulator and game from HyperSpin. 2. Other question is where i can adjust controls for Megadrive, SNES, N64 etc. Do i do it inside the emulators (Dolphin, etc) directly which Hyperspin then uses when i launch the game.
  3. Thx 👍. Omg. Does this mean i have to use always kb to navigate to right emulator and game and start it, i hope not 😱. i want to navigate with joysticks and buttons. I also use many emulators so where to adjust their controls (megadrive,snes,atari). Man, Retropie was 100 times easier to use on my bartop build. Problem is it has so bad/old mame.
  4. Im facing big problems with hyperspin. I have enabled joysticks from HyperHQ but when i start HyperSpin and touch joystick the wheels starts to spin and wont stop. Only way to stop it is to stop hyperspin from Windows task manager. Joysticks work ok with MAME (started games from rocketlauncherUI to test) but not with hyperspin and other emulators? What to do?????? Im using latest (2 weeks old) version of hyperspin. Added a pic of current statenof my cab. Still waiting for marque art and making some small details but i need to get Hyperspin to work...
  5. OK. I have question about controls. I have 2 cards /sets and trackball. Attached picture of card connections. I have added to both cards to ”one to twelve buttons” all the 8 play control buttons 1-8 and to 9 select, 10 players and 11 insert coin. Which buttons should i connect to which commands. (Insert coin etc)? i tried to conf them thry HyperHQ but cant seem to get them to work on mame. All buttons and joystick respond on HHQ. What setup have i done wrong? 🙂 i have enabled kb too and trackball is active, havent tested if it works. Which game/software is good for testing it? Trackball is connected thru usb/ps2 adapter. With just kb all worked ok.
  6. Thx! Yes i know no roms - its going to be spotify based jukebox. So if i want to add for example Amiga emulator to Hyperspin, i just add the .exe from HyperHQ and ill see it in Hyperspin?
  7. ok. How about this: About adding new -so its the same if i add new emulator or Jukebox, always from HyperHQ and .exe ? Do they show directly in RocketLauncherUI after this so i can add the emulator there too and give paths to romsets etc? Im soon on the phase to completing electronics, just finished first paint layer, check images.
  8. Hi, thx again. About 1,2 and 4: About adding new -so its the same if i add new emulator or Jukebox, always from HyperHQ and .exe ? Do they show directly in RocketLauncherUI after this so i can add the emulator there too and give paths to romsets etc? Then about no 4: "No it will not work, you can try it and see for yourself but Spinners and trackballs have not worked for many years." -> My Project is waiting for this item to arrive (on hold because of it), but should i forget the hole wheel if i cant use it with Hyperspin at all and go on with development?
  9. Hi! Thx Giga, 1. Is there a instruction how to add them to HyperHQ ? 2. I mean this: https://github.com/javikr/jukebox-spotify-electron 3. Where are the files, under hyperspin\themes ? 4. It has PS2 connector, but i got an adapter to make it USB also. So i choose it as a joystick on HyperHQ? Shouldnt it work like a mouse on windows and then it should support some MAME games? Any "neebie" instruction available to make it correctly :). Im using 2 separate joystick cards allready, (its 2 sets of controllers im using with card included per set) 5. Thx, ill try to google some more. I have done that boot change but it still shows Win10 logo before opening windows, have to try that booting directly from msconfig. Man...i should have gone with Win7
  10. Hi! Im just making the Hyperspin Rocketlauncher compilation to my Full arcade project. (link: http://forum.arcadecontrols.com/index.php/topic,157256.40.html) I have few questions: 1. How can i add new emulators for this compilation out from the original Hyperspin (global) list . Now i have Mame, SNES, Nes etc but if i want to for example add Turbo Engine 16 (added allready emulator for it) - how can i get it to global and choose the emu + romdir for it? 2.Im thinking about usein this for Spotify Jukebox too, though many arcadecontrols forumusers tell me not to. But IF i do, how can i add it to use with Hyperspin? 3.Themes: I just installed the original theme, is it easy to change it? 4. Trackball - im waiting for trackball to arrive. Im going to attach it to PS2 port right? Can i then from HyperHQ adjust it? 5. Windows10 modification. Any experience on this. I have removed the GUI loader but its still showing the Win10 logo on startup. I also want it to log in to HyperSpin automaticly, but still i need to get out from there sometimes - is this possible? Thanks in advance. Ive done allready a bartop with Retropie but have been using basic Hyperspin on a laptop but now it a bit more complicated when building it to a cab with coin doors etc.
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