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  1. I sent you a pm. more reactions are welcome.
  2. hello I am searching for a dutch hyperspin freak who can help me out because my English is not very good. so are you dutch and want to help me,please let me know so we can discuss some problems on Skype or even I will come over with my computer to learn something.or you can come to me. I hope there is someone who would help me.and figure out my hyperspin.
  3. yes I have tried everything,it was an old hard drive. if I goes gold or platinum member you think I can get there the files and everything because then I gonne be gold member orr platinum straight away.
  4. hello I am having a big problem,my hard disk failure and new I am lost all my hyperspin files. is there a way to get them complete,from usenet or something. it take me a long time to complete everything manual. so can someone help me or is there a easy download solution.
  5. hello i am martijn from holland. i bought an cabinet on the internet and i have fixed it. specs:screen 26 inch 16:10 computer:pentium i3 16GBram 2gb ddr 5 video and 2tb hyperspin drive and 500 gb instalation drive it works great exept one big problem with visual pinball,it wont exit in hyperspin,and i cant find the problem ill think in autohotkey ore the module.
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