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  1. Hello dark13, I introduce myself I'm Kid_ITALY, for friends just Kid ... So basically I start by telling you that you are very good at using animation programs. I am working on your old but beautiful project for me (On this Video of yours: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eWpqa6Y6vTA ). In practice I would like to ask you what program you use to convert the video with Video image from above to .FLV format, which in practice my problem that I find that image is not very clear when I send the Video from below, sometimes it creates borders for me around blacks, it is in fact this problem should not happen. I kindly ask what program you use to convert and what settings you bring to get a clean image. Thank you very much if you could give some advice on how to proceed and continue on your program and of course I would like to propose it in the ITALIAN version. I await your news .. Thanks.
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