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  1. Nice Yeah, I remember that letters B and H was duplicate in uppercase and lowercase (B,b,H,h).
  2. Capcom Play System 1, 2 and 3 (MAME 0.195) View File The three Capcom Play System update to MAME 0.195 version. ADVISE: I change some roms in CPS2 because they are clones. So I changed this clones (in the most of the cases USA roms) for the parents (european roms). Submitter Peliculon Submitted 03/23/2018 Category Databases (XML) Credits GOD  
  3. Arcade Classics (MAME 0.195) View File An update of all the Arcade Classics to make them match with MAME 0.195 version. Atari Classics, Capcom Classics, Data East Classics, Irem Classics, Konami Classics, Midway Classics, Namco Classics, Sega Classics, SNK Classics, Taito Classics and Williams Classics. Submitter Peliculon Submitted 03/23/2018 Category Databases (XML) Credits GOD  
  4. MAME 0.195 + Genre (all working games) View File All working games for MAME 0.195 (including mahjong, casino, etc.). Genre xml's included. Optimized for PC and Nvidia Shield TV (works in both platforms). I've created this xml for MAME 0.195 modifying the xml provided by phulshof in this thread, and i had to modify his xml because he don't use HyperSpin and things like the " ' " need be changed in the xml by "'", then RocketLauncherUI can read perfect the xml and detect if there are missings roms (same with Nvidia Shield TV, if the xml is not in perfect alphabetical order through the description label, the wheel in HyperSpin will go crazy in the Nvidia, jumping to the letter A to J, then B, then A again, etc., no matter the index in the xml, all that Nvidia want is the description in alphabetical order, then works perfect with the indexes. If you have this problem with your Nvidia you can solve this doing what this thread say). Thanks to phulshof! Submitter Peliculon Submitted 03/23/2018 Category Databases (XML) Credits GOD  
  5. Hmmm... I assume that you have install RetroArch emulator in the RLUI. Open RLUI, go to GLOBAL, chose Emulators. Then select the RetroArch emulator (be sure that you have the extension for run nes games, if not, copy/paste this to the RetroArch extensions: 7z|2hd|3ds|3dsx|3g2|3gp|32x|68k|88d|a26|a52|a78|abs|agb|app|asf|atr|atx|avi|axf|ay|bml|bmp|bin|bs|bsx|caq|cas|cbn|ccd|cci|cdg|cdi|cdm|cdt|cgb|ch8|chai|chailove|chd|cmd|cof|col|cpr|cso|cue|cxi|d88|dim|divx|dmg|DOOM|dsk|dup|dx2|elf|exe|f4f|f4v|fds|fig|flac|flv|game|gen|gb|gba|gbc|gbs|gd3|gd7|gdi|gg|gif|gym|hes|hdf|hdm|hdr|img|int|ipf|iso|j64|jag|jpg|jpeg|kcr|kss|lnx|lua|lutro|m2p|m2ts|m3u|m4a|md|mdf|mdx|mgw|min|mkv|mov|mp3|mp4|mpg|mpeg|msa|mtl|mx1|mx2|mxf|n64|ndd|nds|nes|ngc|ngp|nsf|nsfe|obj|ogg|ogm|p|pak|pbp|pic|pce|pgm|png|ppm|prg|prx|ps|psd|psx|rar|ri|rom|rzx|sap|sc|scl|scummvm|sfc|sg|sgb|sgx|smc|smd|sms|sna|spc|st|st2|stx|sv|swc|t81|tap|tga|toc|trd|ts|tzx|u1|unf|unif|uze|v64|vb|vboy|vec|vgm|vgz|vob|voc|wav|webm|wma|wmv|ws|wsc|xdf|xex|xfd|z64|z80|zip lol Well, select your RetroArch emulator and then, in the little icons open "Edit Global Module Settings". Then select your NES system with double clic. A new window will open. There you will see 4 sections: Settings, Network, Nintendo Entertainment System and Rom Settings. Choose NES, and then the first option say: "LibRetro_Core". There you need to put where is you nestopia_libretro core. I hope this solve your problem
  6. @phulshof I find your's xml in this thread, thanks a lot! I just took your xml ( mame.xml ) and i made some modifications, you can see here in this file: MAME.7z I use Nvidia Shield TV, so if the description are not in alphabetical order into the xml, then the wheel in HyperSpin goes crazy. You saved me a lot of timeI, because I was editing mame.list with a text editor calls Sublimetext2 lol. Yeah, I know, but after all i finded funny challenge myself to modify xml´s in record time with just a text editor haha (but to be honest, the text editors need add extra advanced replace options when you want replace something, because i can't clean that's olds software machines to the selected text). So thank's Btw, your xml had duplicates 2 indexes: letters b and h (In your zip: MAME 0.195/mame.xml).
  7. I don't know Where can i check your xml´s? And if i can ask, how did you create them?
  8. Hey guys, im creating MAME 0.195 xml list. The MAMEUI shows that there are 12115 working machines. I thought all of them would be games, but the truth is that not all are games, a lot of them are like old computers emulators (i.e., zx80, alice, a2600, hec2mx40, apple2, etc.). So my question is: It should be put this on the list or not (to appear in the HyperSpin wheel)? Another question: Just go to imagine that im put all this old software in to the xml list (because this software are working). Exist something, some tool or program, for kick out (easy and faster) all this software from the xml list?
  9. Im creating the xml list for 0.195 for use with my HyperSpin, but genre and rating labels will be empty (I didn't find yet a faster way to fill those parameters).
  10. MAME 0.139 + Genre (all working games) View File MAME, HAME, HAAA! SUMMARY - MAME 0.139 version (is not 0.139u1, for that is needed to compile). - 7396 games (all working games, including mahjong, casino, quiz, etc). - Description names respected (i.e., King of Fighters will appear like "The King of Fighters"). - Only excluded from the xml BIOS and non working games. - Created Genres xml files that match 100% with this MAME 0.139 version (I did with the hope that someone someday will enable the genre feature in the Android version of HyperSpin). A bit of blablabla... I have on my own an Nvidia Shield TV and I was looking for an exactly and precise xml for MAME 0.139u1 (because mame4droid, the app in Android for MAME, use this version). Is MAME 0.139 like a Canon for Android? Humm, I don't know but that's seems, because after 8 years (MAME 0.139 was release is 2010) and 2 years of the app in Android, there still been using this version. I didn't know nothing about MAME, so I learned how MAME works. I couldn't create an exactly xml for MAME 0.139u1 because for that is neccesary compile MAME 0.139 with the source (that you can download from the official MAME site) and I don't know yet how to compile this "old" MAME version. At the end of the day, the most of the users don't go to compile nothing in their lives, and they will have the 0.139 version in theirs computers and not the 0.139u1 or others updates. If someone is looking for a perfect xml for 0.139u1, it's your lucky day, I did the hard work with this list, feel you free of download this xml and add thats extras of the 0.139u1 to the list. Anyway, I could create an exactly xml for MAME 0.139 and that was what I did. HOW I DID IT? First of all, I downloaded the official Database for MAME from this HyperSpin site. After that, I created a xml with the tool "HyperROM2XML" and then I started to copy/paste the info, but I took special care, because I learned that in every MAME update there are some fixings like roms changing names. So what I did was install a gui version of MAME 0.139 to compare sometimes if the info was correct. I checked too in arcade database website if the info was correct with somes older roms (for example, Mega Tech doesn't exist in MAME 0.139, but appear like Mega Play). So yeah, this is an exactly xml for this version. Maybe can contain some errors, Im not perfect, shit happens. The xml should be revised and fixed if there are some errors (ejem..., honestly I think that no one have the balls to do that lol). Enjoy! EXTRA NOTES: If you use this MAME xml like a "master" in your HyperSpin installation (because you have all this 0.139 roms) and you want install "systems" like Capcom Classics, Data East, Irem Classics, etc., maybe you should consider the following: This MAME 0.139 is older (but seems like a "Canon" for Android) and the official Databases that you will download from this HyperSpin site will have added more roms to their xml list. So, RocketLauncherUI will show you that you have missing roms. In my installation I have two MAME´s in my HyperSpin wheel: MAME and MAME Android (this 0.139). Why I have this? Because im doing a dual boot HDD, for PC and Android. Before I forget it, thanks to all the people that helped me to understand and modify the xml for Hyperpin, now im a xml god lol Well that's all Submitter Peliculon Submitted 03/20/2018 Category Databases (XML) Credits GOD  
  11. I finished my MAME 0.139 xml for my Nvidia Shield TV This xml have all working games, included casino, quiz, mahjong, etc. All game that works its in the xml. I just cleaned bios and non working games, so in total are 7396 games (my MAMEUI shows 7416 working games, but i think that this 20 extra games are bios). I created too the respective genre xml files. Enjoy it! MAME 0.139.7z
  12. Yes, this matters. For example, when i finally export the xml list with Excell, and i put the xml list in their corresponding folders of Database, when i run HyperSpin and i tried to acces to the MAME wheel, there was only a black screen. This can be fixed if you put "index="" image=""> " to all the roms again. But i finded too that how you said, Excel doesn't export fields that are blank (like this for example: "<crc></crc"), excel just erase them. So, i didn't try yet, but the solution is really simple and will works. Before than open the xml file to reorganize it alphabetically with Excel, i will make a copy of the file in my Desktop. Then i will open this copy with an text editor like SublimeText2, Notepad++, etc. Next step, with the text editor i will replace all the fields that Excel can take like empty and i'll put inside some text, for example: I will replace this: <crc></crc> By this: <crc>GiveMeAlphabeticalOrder</crc> And i will do the same with every field that can be empty for Excell. Once finished, then i'll load the xml to Excel and export. And after that, i will edit the xml file again with a text editor for replace the fields that i filled with "GiveMeAlphabeticalOrder".
  13. Oh men, this works, thanks a lot! The only thing different that happens is the exported xml file is that dissapear the.. "index="" image=""> in the roms that have this fields empty. I dont know if this will be a problem, but thats can be fixed easy with a text editor. Thanks again, you saved me a lot of time YEAHHH
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