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  1. Try these guys- http://www.gameongrafix.com/index.php
  2. Stern by years end, or early 2014, is doing away with DMD's and going LCD. Hasn't been officially announced, but it is going to be Steve Ritchie's game on a new platform. P3 multimorphic pinball is going to LCD http://www.multimorphic.com/. John Popadiiuk's pinball company is using LCD's. http://www.pinballinventor.org/games/atomiczombies/features.html, Spooky Pinball is going LCD http://www.spookypinball.com/ and there are several others with the over seas pinballs going LCD. 95% of the pinball machines being built next year will be LCD, while the next newer wave of video pins are moving to LED DMD's. That is why I mentioned it was weird as video pins are built to resemble real pinball, but real pinball machines are getting away from DMDs. Maybe more ironic than weird. BTW- I like the new DMD LED in pins, and I am putting one into my video pin. Pinball HD, Zen Pinball and Pro Pinball will hopefully/supposedly have DMD support.
  3. Yes, they tried to get $250,000 pounds ($400,000 US dollars) and ended up with $106,000 pounds ($175,00 US dollars). Kickstarter is all or nothing, so not reaching the goal they had to start again. Now they are going for $40,000 pounds ($61,122 US dollars). Looks like it is much more attainable, especially when they are half way there with 42 days left to go.
  4. Weird how real pinball manufacturers are trying to put LCDs into pinball machines to replace LED displays, while Vpins are trying to replace LCDs with LED displays so they can emulate real pinball machines better.
  5. http://pinballarcadefans.com/showthread.php/2287-Beta-of-Pinball-Arcade-for-PC I also talked to them at California Extreme. They have their pinballs on Ipad and other devices right now. Basically, they come out with 2 "new" pins a month based off of real pins. This is cool because people will now have licensed games running on their cabs.
  6. Don't forget Pinball HD from Farsight. They are doing their Beta testing for the PC this month. Great times ahead.
  7. These will be the most bad ass tables a pin cab has seen. The developers are redoing everything from the ground up. The best part- they are optimizing them for cabinets. They are doing a kickstarter to get it out quicker. Here is what they said about cabs, and look at the bottom of the Kickstarter for a little tease. Portrait view support including a special view optimized for cabinets Full support for cabinets, including second display for the DMD Beautiful photo realistic graphics at insane resolutions Control over the ambient light level - play in the dark with awesome ultra dynamic lighting effects They even have a mode to take the virtual glass off to move the pinball around. They also plan to keep making different pins, using former designers from Bally/Williams. This will be awesome. If you want to learn more, or even support the Kickstarter, here is the link. It has the different levels for support, and the features they want to do. One of the targets that Kickstarter will use the money for is cabinet support. Here is the link to support- sounds like a great day for video cabinets. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/500643708/pro-pinball-timeshock-the-ultra-edition-0
  8. I didn't see your build until your post, damn, you did a nice job. Your artwork package is a million times better than the Williams or Stern version. There are some extremely talented people on here. When the wood working, art and engineering come together, the machines are works of art. The IJ I posted is in Disney Land as Dr. Willy mentioned. I just liked/admire the wood working on it. Side rails, lock down bar, speaker panel, channel lift, etc..., all wooden for that retro feel. The art fits as more of a throwback type prop rather than a tie in to the movies. Simplistic, but fitting. (Translite excluded)
  9. Yeah, the legs are a good concept, but probably could have been done better. I like the old wood retro style. Fits the theme. You are right, the original Whoa Nellie is incredible. My buddy got a conversion kit and made his own cabinet kind of like the Indiana Jones and brought it to Pin a Go Go. It turned out super nice. Very impressive. It was in the old wood rail style also. Again, not as unique as the crate one, but still incredible. I envy his and your skill set.
  10. I don't know if anybody has ever tried this, but on the topic of Indiana Jones, this has to be the coolest cab ever:
  11. I saw these at CAX today. They really look nice. Brighter than a normal plasma dmd, and details seem to show better on animations.
  12. Um, yeah that would be a big nerve. He puts in a week and a half worth of work (60 hours) up for the community for free, and you come in and give him a speech/lecture on not being a big enough philanthropist. Just answering your ?
  13. Actually, believe it or not, I financed all my pins by selling off some of my comic book collection. I go every year to California Extreme with Circo, and we got into playing Medieval Madness. Long story short, the only way to afford one was to sell some comic books on Ebay. I got a lot more than I thought and ended up with a TSPP, MB and MM restore. On the MM restore, it looks like Chris is going to add a shaker motor. I have Martin at Pinbits creating one for me. Iif all goes to plan, t is going to shake a little when you hit the castle, do a thump when you use the catapault, then give a big shake when the castle is destroyed.
  14. Actually, I am addicted to real pinballs. I have a Monster Bash, Simpsons Party Pinball, and a Medieval Madness that is being restored by Chris Hutchins at High End Pins. It is almost done, and I should have it back within a couple weeks. Here is the link: http://christopherhutchins.com/gallery/album109 On the FP vs. VP argument, I have played a Ultrapin and it used VP from what I understand. Looked and played nice. I wish there was a convergence where you had the tables of VP combined with the graphics of FP.
  15. I checked with Mamerooom and Scott said he was looking into something along the lines of making a cabinet. In the 90's Bally/Williams came out with some widebody pins. They were only a couple of inches wider, but might be good for this. I really like the looks of this program; a must for people building a video pin. Personally, Future Pin might be better and newer, but I really love the 90 Bally/Williams pins. The toys, animations, and rule sets took pinball to a new level. Attack from Mars, Medieval Madness, Monster Bash, Twilight Zone, Cirqus Voltaire, Theatre of Magic, Addams Family, etc...When/If these games get emulated, that is probably when I will take the plunge and build a cab. I read the post that there is a rumor that FP would start supporting roms, hopefully that will get the ball rolling. (pun intended)
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