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  1. I saw these at CAX today. They really look nice. Brighter than a normal plasma dmd, and details seem to show better on animations.
  2. Actually, believe it or not, I financed all my pins by selling off some of my comic book collection. I go every year to California Extreme with Circo, and we got into playing Medieval Madness. Long story short, the only way to afford one was to sell some comic books on Ebay. I got a lot more than I thought and ended up with a TSPP, MB and MM restore. On the MM restore, it looks like Chris is going to add a shaker motor. I have Martin at Pinbits creating one for me. Iif all goes to plan, t is going to shake a little when you hit the castle, do a thump when you use the catapault, then give a big shake when the castle is destroyed.
  3. Actually, I am addicted to real pinballs. I have a Monster Bash, Simpsons Party Pinball, and a Medieval Madness that is being restored by Chris Hutchins at High End Pins. It is almost done, and I should have it back within a couple weeks. Here is the link: http://christopherhutchins.com/gallery/album109 On the FP vs. VP argument, I have played a Ultrapin and it used VP from what I understand. Looked and played nice. I wish there was a convergence where you had the tables of VP combined with the graphics of FP.
  4. I checked with Mamerooom and Scott said he was looking into something along the lines of making a cabinet. In the 90's Bally/Williams came out with some widebody pins. They were only a couple of inches wider, but might be good for this. I really like the looks of this program; a must for people building a video pin. Personally, Future Pin might be better and newer, but I really love the 90 Bally/Williams pins. The toys, animations, and rule sets took pinball to a new level. Attack from Mars, Medieval Madness, Monster Bash, Twilight Zone, Cirqus Voltaire, Theatre of Magic, Addams Family, etc...When/If these games get emulated, that is probably when I will take the plunge and build a cab. I read the post that there is a rumor that FP would start supporting roms, hopefully that will get the ball rolling. (pun intended)
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