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    All: First, I am not a programmer or professional script writer - so please be kind. The purpose of this script is to edit the daphne-singe game config files that contain references to internally needed files so that they point to the right location. example: . The script will change sprCursor = spriteLoad("D:/Arcade/Games/American Laser Games/data/singe/crimepatrol/crosshaira.png") to this: sprCursor = spriteLoad("I:/Emulators/Hyperspin/Games/American Laser Games/data/singe/crimepatrol/crosshaira.png") The script can be run from the base folder of the system name and it will search all subfolders. Also, it creates a backup of the target file before making any changes. Use at own risk. I developed it because I got tired of having to manually edit the .singe files for each of the 'American Laser' and 'Wow Action Max' games. Hopefully, it will help others.
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