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  1. I just built the same thing although I was lazy and ended up using an Intel NUC i5. Added BT and wireless adapters and routed out holes for 2 USB, 1 HDMI and the power adapter. Picked up a nice BT keyboard/trackpad combo and use the NES30 controllers. The inside is just some ugly hot-gluing. I plan to use the side holes where the audio/video jacks used to be for RJ45 and audio out, but no rush there. it is up and running and looks awesome above the PS4. It is my portable retro gamer PC but main use is for watching movies while I get Hyperspin set up. I was going to try something new and use GameEx but it seems like a lot of work when I already have Hyperspin set up in my cabinet so I decided to scratch the GameEx idea and go with Hyperspin. Definitely a cool project. I am thinking of making another but going the route you did with the mini-itx board. There was a cool youtube video where someone did this and made a Plexiglass platform which made mounting everything inside nice and clean.
  2. When I calibrated mine, I plugged one gun in and calibrated it. I then plugged the other gun in and rebooted. I then verified gun 1 was calibrated still, switched to the second one and calibrated it. Rebooted and verified both were calibrated. Not sure why, but the reboots seemed to help because I did have a bear of a time calibrating them at first. I have not had a problem since using them together or separate. The one issue I have is that they change names/designations in MAME every time I boot up, although they never loose their calibration. Meaning when I use them one time, they are gun1 and gun2. The next time I boot up they are gun4 and gun3. The time after that, gun2 and gun4. etc etc etc. Not a HUGE deal, as I just set them in the global settings. it is a little annoying but only takes a minute. Once that is done in MAME I have never had an issue using both at the same time or one or the other.
  3. Wow, that looks amazing! great job, nice and clean!
  4. I am prepared to grab another card if necessary. But I have a bunch of those converters (It is for VGA, not HDMI. I too have had trouble with those) so I want to give it a try.
  5. I am going to use this in my build, which should start next week when all of my parts arrive. I have my old machine with a GTX 460 which I plan to use for the playfield and backglass monitor. I assumed the for the DMD (mine will be a 17" LCD) this USB-to-VGA should be fine. I actually have a couple of them so if anyone needs, let me know. Not sure how much shipping would be to the UK though.
  6. Wow, that came out so good! Every time I see these pinball builds I want to get mine started. then I come to the realization that I need to buy a playfield. Soon.. very soon. Maybe sooner with all these great builds I keep seeing!
  7. In my opinion, a bartop should be semi portable, making the 32 unruly to carry around. If I was you I would build the bartop with the 19". then when you wife sees how awesome it is, build a full size with the 32". I am going to build 2 bartops this summer. A single player using a 17" 4:3 and a 2-player using a 19" 4:3. For what it's worth.
  8. Nice buys! I am in the process of putting together a new personal machine and am looking at the Gigabyte line as well - Z97X-Gaming5. I think you should have no issues playing anything with those specs!
  9. Very cool. Nothing to question or explain away, that is awesome! no matter the budget or the time, if it does the job and you enjoying planning and building it as well as using it, that is what it is all about!
  10. Cool, I just didn't know if there was a red flag on going something other than 4:3. I think you will be great with the 5:4. A lot of people run it, no issues.
  11. I run an HP 19" @ 1280X1024 and have no issues whatsoever. MAME, NES, Sega, PC Games, etc all run look great. What are your reservations of it not being true 4:3?
  12. My wife thought I was kidding when I told her I was going to build an arcade cabinet. When I had the frame done, she said I was on drugs if I thought it was going upstairs. When she saw it completed she said it looked "nice" and Hyperspin was "neat" and then walked away. Overall she is fine with it and she is OK with it being in the basement since it is out of sight out of mind but loves it when her nephews come over and leave everyone alone for hours as they play. She is OK with me playing and tweaking so all good. Unfortunately I am now stockpiling parts for future barcade builds and another arcade cabinet, whch she is not happy since the basement has all of it just sitting there. However, next up is a virtual pinball machine. She actually likes pinball so she is looking forward to that and is "allowing" me to store everything.
  13. I was. get a USB backup drive (or 2) and use that to back up the Hyperspin folder. You may have to reinstall a few games, but should be good. OR image the drive so no reinstall necessary. Store that file on the USB hard drive.
  14. I have a 2TB WD External USB drive I store everything on. I did the backup of everything when I originally set it up. Took about an hour. Now, as I add games I simply add them to the external drive - game, XML, themes, media, etc. I usually wait until I have a few done. All of the games I also have an a separate 2TB drive on my main/personal PC. At work we get "awards" for doing a good job. I am up to $500 this year. I am looking to get a few 4TB drives and parts for a new PC, using that money to supplement it. I am running out of space!
  15. I upgraded my HDD once already to accommodate the PC Games (and got rid of the PS1 and PS2 games as well!). I would love to upgrade it again so I can add back the other emulation but the PC Games I play often so it is a good trade off for me until I get the cash to upgrade the HDD.
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