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  1. gargoyle67

    HyperBase Live

    Keep getting "Incorrect password/username" when tying to login using my plat membership login/pass, Am I doing something wrong ?
  2. gargoyle67


  3. gargoyle67

    Do you like HYPERSPIN??????

    Groovy Mame + Hyperspin = The perfect combination =)
  4. gargoyle67

    HiToText (Hi score support)

    Anyone else getting a pause\stutter just before hitotext displays scores ?
  5. gargoyle67

    Do you like HYPERSPIN??????

    Just managed to have a looks at the new HS, WoW all the problems that the old version suffered with are gone and a host of new features added. Thank you thank you thank you to all involved in the project, You guys seriously rock. Big ups to the Docs section as well, With great video tuts, Not that I'll be using them of course (unless I get stuck ) If you've used the old version the new one should be a breeze Well done guys every arcade cab should have a HS running inside of it, Hard to imagine what the next version will have that's better, But no doubt Bill and co will amaze & astound use once more
  6. gargoyle67

    Hyperspin as Shell: Easy Exit to Windows

    Ah cool, Thanks.
  7. gargoyle67

    Hyperspin as Shell: Easy Exit to Windows

    I'm going to try this once I've configured all my setting for my emulators e.c.t but my hyperspin is located on my D: drive how can I edit the sheller.exe to point to D: instead of C: Or would it be easier just to copy hyperspin to c: ? Thanks.
  8. gargoyle67

    Do you like HYPERSPIN??????

    Still setting it up (Which is prob better than playing the games:laugh:) I've voted for it over @AC , Big thanks to all the programmers\theme makers and the helpful posters out there:itsme:
  9. gargoyle67

    Request for AAE emulator support

    Other than special monitor support, What makes it any differant\better from mame versions ?
  10. Hay bill, Can you pm me FTP logon account details, Thanks dude =)