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  1. Good point on the overall placement. Here's an idea, and I say this knowing its rather specific, but how about moving the probe droid into that space just a bit and either adding the generators or an ion cannon into the left part of that blank space. It would still leave plenty of white space there so the whole side isn't too busy while balancing out the overall image. It really does look sharp. Wondering where you'll have it printed. I think if it would be okay, I really would like the possibility of using this. I grew up on Star Wars and couldn't think of a better theme for a pin cab.
  2. Something in me wants to see the StarWars logo box down some, Perhaps to give some 'space' to the action above. Otherwise I would use that on my cab in a heartbeat. Especially if Zen releases a cab friendly Win 7 version. It would be the perfect art.
  3. Like where this is headed. I may end up doing sw theme for my pin when I get a chance to build one.
  4. Still looking forward to this project. Esp. since I have a couple arduinos sitting round gathering dust.
  5. Dman Bill, that's all I gotta say. Cept maybe when is the raffle?
  6. @Tulsaboyw: It's funny, but there are already tools to do what you want. Go to the Downloads section and under Third Party Applications download the Rom2XML program. Point it at your directory of games and it will do the rest. It is really quick. As for the genres, I haven't set mine to use them but they are there if I want them. Don't want it, disable Special Art C and don't go to Genres.
  7. I've had some problems with 800xl, but have used another program with it. Will take a look again at using mess later. Will try to do a more in depth thing on controls after I get a couple more emulator install tuts done. (nullDC, nestopia, p64, etc.)
  8. New tutorial for installation of MESS for Atari 5200. Have your roms and games files ready and you'll be playing in just a few minutes: ATARI 5200 with MESS
  9. shimoda

    Seriously !

    As far as rom management and clrmamepro use goes, another user on another forum I frequent posted a most excellent guide on rebuilding sets, updating and the like. Either that user could simply be contacted, or an updated and more generic guide of the same sort could be created. If anyone would like, I will take this on in just a few days. Soon as a few other things are complete.
  10. Where might your tables be found for download?

  11. Sweet, congrats man, you deserve it!
  12. If you'd like Bill, I could work on compiling this as an update pack. It could go up on the FTP?
  13. Bill, I know you are on your way with this thing, but Koolbrez67's video gave me an idea. The "bumping" pointer is so cool already, but with the idea of the wheel, I get the spinning wheel feature idea. Instead of the usual pointer, could that special artwork be a .swf file that actually had a moving pointer (like on the Price is Right wheel)? Actually, could there be two files for that pointer, say pointeru and pointerd (and for horizontal, pointerl and pointerr). When the wheel moves up, the pointeru.swf plays. Or maybe the flash would have some other function to read and respond based on the action. This is probably more difficult to incorporate but it just struck me as a cool possibility to an already amazing FE (getting better every day!).
  14. Hey man, hello there. Just noticed your birthday is a scant 7 days before mine. Same year. Just plain funny.

  15. Hey, I'd like to put up a wheel art on the thread but can't figure out how to post images. I've tried pointing to images on my own website, but doesn't work. There isn't an attachment and I've wondered how people post them so they're visible right on the screen. I just need a quick walk through.

  16. I'd love to work with you on the automation app, though it might not be necessary, I've some ideas about how to improve the process. If nothing else, it'd be nice to see how you coded your program as I am learning. It would be cool to perhaps make this app something more useful than just a converter, perhaps something that could be used with the HyperTheme editor. My e-mail is [email protected]

  17. sorry to take so long getting back to you, I also need to get with chillinwater about the naomi thread. However, I am still interested in trying to help with the emulation setup wizard you talked about. If you need to reach me with a more valid email: [email protected]

  18. I'd love to add this, if not just for the sake of learning and cleaning up the code. Could you give me an example of some of the code that would read in the filename (short) into a local array so that it could be used? I made a post on the group site about this.

  19. Just an FYI, I'm sending a donation of $10, to help and to bring down wait times so I can complete rezips a bit quicker. Should come through briefly.

  20. If you don't have a PC yet, a nice dual core ~2.8 or better should do just fine. 8800 or 9800 vid card and she'll handle most of nullDC.
  21. If you need any more beta testers, I can run it on my quad core, WIn 7 box. Excellent Work!

  22. any info on how you are programming hyperlaunch to setup emulators? I might be able to help if I have a handle on what is necessary, but it really depends on the programming level involved.


  23. Also, what method did you use for the rounded back? I've thought about this for my cabinet and am interested in how you worked that out.
  24. Damn! I mean Damn! That is smooth! Nice work and I'd love to know more about the resin, are you pouring? buying? where is it cut? Just plain nice!
  25. I had a question about 19xx the game theme. I was wondering either whether you created from scratch the background art or found it. If you created it, then great job. I am looking to start making some themes to help contribute and so was curious because of the quality of the image. Also, I had noticed some people on the forums talking about animated themes. Could you mention a couple so that I could take a look at them specifically to see about what specs to use, number of frames, etc. or was that just using the emuMovies flash videos? You're info is appreciated as is this great program.

    One other thing. The makaron 12t, will this be added for functionality with HS in the future. I am not yet a donor, and some items on the ftp server appear not available globally, so I will have to consider that. Until then, I would like to contribute and artwork fits my abilities best. Other than that I have posted a request on the forum for help setting up makaron, and knowing this great community it won't be long. Thanks in advance for any response.


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