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    Sorry for the recent downtime. Still much to do but we have the site updated, secure and back online.  Expect more changes.


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  1. Still looking forward to this project. Esp. since I have a couple arduinos sitting round gathering dust.
  2. Hey, had a pleasant vacation? (If you have already returned. You were on vacation right?)

    Have some questions/requests for you. But I'll pm you about it or through chat if you accept my friend request.


  3. hi, shimoda, a guy has report to me a problem with one of my theme name (dragon blaze,will be: dragnblz ).I don't know if you can resolve this problem.thx

  4. hello... first off i'd like to say thanks for your help in my recent thread. however, yet again i need some direction/help with setting up dreamcast in hs. i currently have it running outside of hs, the euro version to be exact. i boot cdi files through a virtual drive. no luck on the hs setup though. you help is greatly appreciated.

  5. Where might your tables be found for download?

  6. Hey man, hello there. Just noticed your birthday is a scant 7 days before mine. Same year. Just plain funny.

  7. Hey, I'd like to put up a wheel art on the thread but can't figure out how to post images. I've tried pointing to images on my own website, but doesn't work. There isn't an attachment and I've wondered how people post them so they're visible right on the screen. I just need a quick walk through.

  8. I'd love to work with you on the automation app, though it might not be necessary, I've some ideas about how to improve the process. If nothing else, it'd be nice to see how you coded your program as I am learning. It would be cool to perhaps make this app something more useful than just a converter, perhaps something that could be used with the HyperTheme editor. My e-mail is monkeymoda@gmail.com

  9. sorry to take so long getting back to you, I also need to get with chillinwater about the naomi thread. However, I am still interested in trying to help with the emulation setup wizard you talked about. If you need to reach me with a more valid email: monkeymoda@gmail.com

  10. I'd love to add this, if not just for the sake of learning and cleaning up the code. Could you give me an example of some of the code that would read in the filename (short) into a local array so that it could be used? I made a post on the group site about this.

  11. Just an FYI, I'm sending a donation of $10, to help and to bring down wait times so I can complete rezips a bit quicker. Should come through briefly.

  12. If you need any more beta testers, I can run it on my quad core, WIn 7 box. Excellent Work!

  13. It doesn't get any simpler than this. Help would be fantastic! Are you familiar with AutoHotKey? It's a Basic programming language. Download the full package for that program and skim over the help file for programming with it. All you need to do is take the Hyperlaunch.ahk text file included with the full Hyperspin download, edit it and compile it into Hyperlaunch.exe. If you are serious, we can go over this in detail and I will get you the file I am working on. The purpose I am following is simply and first: Get every emulator available set up to run using Hyperlaunch so as to make this very user friendly. & second: Enhance programming to change emulator settings on it's own, leaving no setup for new users of Hyperspin. Let me know. I'm on almost daily.

  14. any info on how you are programming hyperlaunch to setup emulators? I might be able to help if I have a handle on what is necessary, but it really depends on the programming level involved.


  15. I think the background was scanned for that image in the game. You should create a theme on a 1024 x 768 canvas in photoshop, thats all you need to know for sizing purposes. A single theme consists of multiple artwork files. Typically a background, a wheel image, a bigger logo, and characters etc.. Any one of those elements except the wheel image can be an animated swf file exported from Flash. Thats what they mean by animated, check out the renegade theme as an example or moon patrol. Videos are all done by emumovies in flv format and are available through them not us.

    As for makaron , theres a thread in the main forum about users getting that to work. All emulator functionality is produced by our users contributing to an open source script file. If a certain emu isnt loading you can simply ask in the forum for it to be added and it usually gets added. Everything is avaialble on the site and on the FTP, typically the FTP contains a little more than our download area because thats where the users like to share their contributions first, but eventually everything migrates to the free download area at some point.


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