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  1. Hi, @Bungles this one is just awesome, congratulations! I'm using it, along with @ninja2bceen's work! Just one question, do you think is possible to you to make the necesary replacements for system wheels? I mean, you made "SpecialB1" and "SpecialB2" for main wheel, but system wheels need additional info. For example: "Navigation (left/right - jump back/forward)" as well as "Navigation (hold left/right - letter search)". Perhaps these ones could go inside a customized "SpecialB1" made just for system wheels (since main wheel don't use these commands). Thanks for reading! See ya! PD: We share the same birthday! Geminian brother! LoL........
  2. Hi, fr0stbyt3, Thanks for your reply! I have this: 1) First step: Verified. Failed. 2) Second step: Windows Defender already had exceptions for HS and other related apps. Checked again, still there. 3) HS 1.5.1 was working OK before WIndows 10 updated to version "2004 (SO build 19582, 1001)". Info was taken from winver, as you suggested. Some other Symtoms: * Once System was updated, HS just didin't launch, if I check Task Manager, I can see how HS loads, but then gets killed. * If I run HS in compatibility mode, all older versions have shown the same result, with the exception of Windows XP SP3, which shows a message error related to 0xc000005. Now I'm in your hands, if you need some other info, please tell me. Thanks again! I'll stay tuned!
  3. Sorry if I'm being itchy, but I'm facing this problem with Windows 10 (X64) build 2004. Version 1.5.1 was working ok until this Windows update got installed. Same problem, same synthoms. I have no clue about how to make HS run, process is killed by itself and window doesn't even open. Please, any help is well received.
  4. Nevermind, already found a better one ??
  5. Muchachos, no sé ustedes, pero voy avisando que a mi ya me está empezando a fallar con la versión 2004 de Windows 10 (x64). Mismo síntoma, si lo abro en modo de compatibilidad con Windows XP me tira error "0xc0000005" y si lo ejecuto en modo de compatibilidad con una versión más reciente, de plano ya ni abre, el proceso se finaliza por si mismo, desde el Administrador de tareas. Si alguien encontró la manera de salir del paso con este problemilla, le agradecería de antemano me brinde la solución.
  6. Sorry for being late, but, where are the files? There is only an image when I download from HS Add-ons. Is this project dead? if it is, do you know a better choiceto use these days? Thanks in advance!
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