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  1. braap


    The problem is that I do not know what all of my favorites are since I have not played every game. I will just remove favorites from the genre wheel. Thanks
  2. braap


    That requires me to know all of the favorites I want and then make the xml yes? There's no way to add favorites on the fly to an xml so they can be viewed from the genre wheel?
  3. braap


    Hello! I have recently been playing with genres. I made a Favorite wheel but when I save games to my favorite list they are a txt and not xml. Is there a way around this? Thank you.
  4. You cannot separately control genre wheel image sizes. They use the setting for the system wheel. Secondly If your system wheel is only displaying 5 games then so does your genre wheel. It makes sense to be able to control wheels separately. If you need to do a TV session to further understand please let me know. That will be easier than posting a bunch of images.
  5. Being able to display 7 genres for systems that use a horizontal wheel since this method only displays 5 games and then genres are screwy. It would also be beneficial of have genre wheel sizes be separate from system wheel sizes.
  6. Is there a proper place to make feature requests for super basic things?
  7. It would be great if you could upload somewhere else. I don't have access to PD because of port forwarding.
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