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  1. Yes, unless you're using RL. Not everyone does...
  2. That doesn't work. For multi disc games that need to be unzipped (PS1), HyperHQ needs a file extension. Typically this would be .cue but since it won't look within sub folders it's pointless. These have both been issues for years and hasn't been fixed. As for searching subfolders, don't hold your breath. I have a .bat script run when HS closes that forces all Hyperspin.exe instance to close.
  3. Also if you have the player count psd I would love to modify that for games that are online only. I am really trying to finish your theme, and I only need a few more things.

  4. Hey Dark, could you please upload the SWF for Aeon Nox that does NOT remove the Hypertext upon launching a game? I found a solution I would like to test for the video not stopping.

    Thank you :)

  5. You cannot separately control genre wheel image sizes. They use the setting for the system wheel. Secondly If your system wheel is only displaying 5 games then so does your genre wheel. It makes sense to be able to control wheels separately. If you need to do a TV session to further understand please let me know. That will be easier than posting a bunch of images.
  6. Being able to display 7 genres for systems that use a horizontal wheel since this method only displays 5 games and then genres are screwy. It would also be beneficial of have genre wheel sizes be separate from system wheel sizes.
  7. Is there a proper place to make feature requests for super basic things?
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