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  1. I can think of a way of doing it but its a fair bit of work, basically you write a script that pulls these text bios and creates a SWF or PNG file for each game, you can then create a theme that uses that artwork. It doesn't really seem worth it to me and I would advise you just didn't use Hypersin if this something you really want.
  2. Version 1.0.0


    I have collected numerous CDs over the years and finally have a full set, 1807 matched to the Sony Playstation 1.5 xml. This set is far from perfect and still needs a lot of work but this is seems like a good starting point. If I have used your CDs in this pack please let me know and I will happily give credit, I made less than 1% of these however I will continue to work on this and improve the set over time.
  3. That is all good stuff to do however I dont believe this is what causes this particular issue. I think its a rocketlauncher bug where it suspends the frontend and doesnt always successfully unfreeze it. I used to have this issue all the time but since I changed my RL settings to not suspend frontend I havent had it once. See my previous post in this thread for more info.
  4. Version 1.0.0


    Couldnt find a letter pack for the Switch so made my own.
  5. You took 90% of it from RetroHumanoid and didnt credit him. The 5% you did change is ok. The other 5% is misconfigured RL garbage.
  6. You took 90% of it from RetroHumanoid and didnt credit him. The 5% you did change is ok. The other 5% is misconfigured RL garbage.
  7. Version 1.0.0


    Couldnt find a letter pack for the Xbox 360 so made my own.
  8. Version 1.0.0


    Couldnt find any so I made my own using the official Xbold font.
  9. Great work on the VBA-Link, its really an under utilized feature. I set this up a few months ago and thought i may as well share my bezels. Here's 1 player: Bezel.ini
  10. Yeah i have my exit button set to escape. I like Rocket Launcher it is a pain to setup initially but once youve ironed out the kinks it does a great job.
  11. I kept having this random issue with it locking up, usually when i would exit a game and go back to hyperspin then after a few seconds of scrolling, nothing would respond and i would have to alt+f4 to get out of hyperspin. So I started writing down everytime it happened and exactly what i was doing at the time. No matter what i couldnt reproduce it when i wanted to, it seemed random. I did however notice it only happened on certain systems. I compared the systems it happened with the systems it didnt and i had a lightbulb moment. In RocketLauncher UI there is a setting for each system called "Suspend Frontend" and "Hide Frontend" on the systems where the issue occurred these were set to true. I set them to false and now it hasnt happened for about 3months. I tried to find this thread a few weeks ago to update it but couldnt find it. Would love for someone else to test this or if its just coincidence but it does make a lot of sense.
  12. This is an excellent point, definitely going to explore this tonight and do some testing. I never get this issue using the keyboard only my controllers and I've noticed they are really sensitive when it comes directions.
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