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  2. Hey all. I decided to rebuild my software layer of may arcade cab. Started with new version HyperSpin and RocketLaunch. All done and working fine. My question in relation to HyperSync, I had a pretty much complete romset and media for MAME, but thought I would setup HyperSync to add a few more systems to the mix. I am trying to work out why when I sync all Media, it re-downloads everything again. By everything I mean my existing mame video library... I have updated Mame and romset to 0.167 but not sure if I have missed something or an option as Hypersync is reloading all the content again. During a sync, it seemed to skip wheel art but re-downloaded the same videos. Being location in Australia, our internet is horrible. My poor little machine (Alienware Alpha) has been downloading for 3 days and still going. If anyone can offer a hint or just clarify, this is the way it is, that would be appreciated. Thanks in advance ppl.
  3. Hey @mariosbrother, glad you got it all working. Can you send through the final screen shots of your settings for MAME please as you did above?
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    I have the same issue. After watching a few of the videos, the main difference I see, is when I drop down the menu for "Systems" - I get "ALL SYSTEMS" rather than MAME etc.... I'm guessing this is the issue? Not sure where HyperSync picks up the installed emulators from? HyperSpin and RocketLaunch are setup and executing, just need to sort the artwork. Would love to get this to work otherwise, I have to go back to manual as I have done previously. Look forward to some guidance ppl. Thanks in advance.
  5. I had a similar scenario BUT while the un-connection piece isn't an issue, I found running this single cable cause me issues with Player 1 controller. ie the Joystick wouldn't respond. Basically, I had to run another negative feed to player 1 for it to work. Almost like it couldn't handle it. Doesn't make too much sense, but after running another earth from my IPAC controller and feeding to Player 1, all works fine. Even though my 4 player buttons and joysticks are daisy chained. It was 1am Christmas eve (promised I would finish before Christmas) and the extra earth wire fixed it. My machine hasn't missed a beat since... Hope that helps.
  6. Great work.... Rotating screen is an awesome idea! Would love to understand if this is auto or manual, meaning is it motorized?
  7. Thanks for all the feedback guys. I'm still stuck on the buttons... Do I go with the chrome outer or translucent?
  8. Hey @jeremy0203, I don't know the exact font. sorry. I looked around for the old school ARCADE text (image), and sent as a graphic before I got the timber cut. I'm not handy with timber, so I designed this cab from images and the supplier cut it all on a CNC machine and came flat packed :-) I can send as a JPG if you want? Just PM me and happy to share!
  9. Hey All. First time poster but long time reader :-) Anyway, A little while ago I decided to build an Arcade machine as a father son project. Seemed like a good idea at the time and a great way to re-live my child hood. From a simple 2 player table top concept, I have designed and built this baby... Upright 4 player. I have sourced components from Ultimarc (Andy has been awesome with his assistance) and learnt everything from scratch. Of course it is running HS front end (AMAZING). 27" LCD Screen I have included a trackball (Because it looks cool when lit up) Have 2 x U360 joysticks (to assist with analogue games) Have 2 x Servosticks with auto 4 and 8 way switching Running 2 x PACLED 64 controllers. Running 1 x IPAC 4 controller I've upgraded everything to USB Integrated PS3 controllers for Dreamast/GameCube platform via bluetooth oh.... almost forgot to mention the logitech triple sub sound system. I'm really struggling to choose the buttons. I have tested the ULTIMARC RGB ULTRALUX chrome and Standard RGB buttons (Ultimarc). I want all the buttons to be RGB so trying to decide between the chrome or translucent button trims. They are convex buttons, but the light is consistent and they look amazing. It prob sounds a little silly and perhaps I have spent too much time thinking about this, but it is consuming my world as I want to get it finished. As i'm sure we can all appreciate, the learning from the beginning is huge. I would love some feedback and thoughts.... I plan on wrapping this machine with a MARVEL and DC COMIC mixed theme... T-Mould slots are ready and will do some LED lighting etc.... I would love to get some feedback if you would like to share. Be kind, i'm about as nooby as they get.
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