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  1. ..new verions of mame gives us many new opportunities and i think that we all love to see perfect looking games on our cabinets we all see lots of media files (screens, videos) with original graphics for each systems and i think lots of us have different consoles like nes/snes/neogeo etc. so i think we sould put together our knowledge and make our mame systems pixel perfect different systems need different INI files with different settings of shaders - some looks better with hlsl some with glsl, vertical games also needs to be treated separately i know its lots of work.. i know its lots of testing and comparing but all the work we do will bring us lots of joy playing our favorite games
  2. im talking about siple mame and mess compilations - ealier i use 0.153 no nag and hiscore version (and i dont know who compile them) and everything was ok - no window on startup or exit - when i use 0.154 from jumpstile module hiding dont work - i dont like to see whats going on in the background when i use my cabinet i try to hide every thing whats possible - now i had 3 problem mame, mess and zinc
  3. i dont know why but i cant hide jumpstile versions..
  4. who compile mame/mess x64 nonag version of mame and mess which i can hide with hyperlaunch modules?
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