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  1. I was going to have "channels" routered out in the cabinet for the EL wire, so that the vinyl could sit overtop nicely.
  2. Oh yes, I will. She'll be going up the side of the backbox
  3. Hi guys. I'm in the process of a pinball cabinet build (post and photos will be up soon). I want a "Tron: Legacy" theme. My question is this: I plan on running EL Wire or Tape underneath the artwork to make the appropriate areas of the artwork glow.. Example artwork/image for the side of the pinball cab: http://collider.com/wp-content/uploads/tron-yellow-billboard-movie-poster.jpg What should my considerations be in terms of the decals or artwork material? Transparency? Colour of paint on the wood underneath the decal? Thanks for any tips. Lordindy Toronto, Canada
  4. Hi guys. I'm absolutely amazed at your skills and dedication. I currently am using my Arduino board to drive my XBMC amblight system on my TV. I have a question: I ordered a Raspberry Pi, and was intending on using it as another XBMC or a MAME unit. Now, I'm wondering....can the Raspberry Pi be used as an "evolution" of the Arduino board to control a driver board and gadgets?
  5. Please tell me I'm not the only one waiting for the girlfriend/wife to go to bed, so I can quietly sneak onto the pc and get my dose of HyperCrack. I find myself up every night until 3am or so, walking into work the next day looking like a meth head. Perhaps we need a new forum called "Hyperheads Anonymous"
  6. lordindy

    Relative Paths

    Just wanted to say thanks guys. I have managed to create a USB Hyperspin drive (so far, just with MAME and DAPHNE and Lynx..the rest will come) that autolaunches and also shows the Hyperspin icon on the drive letter (autorun.inf). I can't wait to get all the various emulators working with relative paths. Hyperspin to go!
  7. lordindy

    Relative Paths

    Just wanted to add my vote to "relative path" support in Hyperspin. I'm new to all this, but I can see that managing all the roms, emulators and graphics/themes will require some sort of staging space. I plan on putting it all on a USB drive, and it would be nice to tote it from place to place, without having to worry about drive letters, so that I could BLOW someones mind with a simple autolaunch on the USB drive. Imagine, plug USB in, Hyperspin comes up (hehehhe, maybe add a THX sound effect along with the usual Hyperspin intro), and BAM! THe wheels, the emulators, the games, the movies, the music, all spinning and themed. Relative paths bring the "mind blowing" a bit closer. I understand that launching scripts to rename the drive letter or such is also possible, but it's not as.... elegant. Man......just imagine the persons jaw...when you connect a USB drive to a random system....and up comes Hyperspin intro and every game that ever was... hehehehehhehe. You folks (not just the Hyperspin boys, but all of you in the scene) are simply amazing. I'm partial to the history of gaming, and this frontend, the emulators, hardware projects, and commitment and support are incredible. Cheers to all of you
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