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  1. Bin gerade PC SHMUPS am einbinden. Steam hat am WE in dem Bereich die Preise gesenkt :-)
  2. Hi ChrisKant, es gibt immer wieder PC Games, die über RL meckern und nach dem starten die "Fehlermeldung" bringen, wenn Sie von Rocketlauncher nicht vernünftig erkannt werden. Dann muss ich mit der Variable FadeTitle arbeiten. Um diesen rauszubekommen muss man das ActiveWindowsGrabber.exe verwenden. Nervt halt ein wenig... Das war der Gedanke. LG
  3. Hi Ihr Lieben, bin beim surfen auf diesen, wer glaubt es, deutschen Thread gestossen :-) Ich bin auch fleissing PC Games am einbinden. Könnt Ihr mal eure PCLauncher.ini hier posten, dann könnte ich die Fadetitle,Appwait.exe,exitMethod usw. kopieren. Tolle Arbeit hier Danke
  4. Hi what I found until now is Pinmame for DMDs "native" Size 259x67 Is it right? Can somebody confirm it? But I didn't found the size of Pinball FX2 DMD? Please help
  5. Hi Folks, I have a 3 Screen Setup and want a sharp picture of the DMD on the 3rd Screen. This is only possible if I set the pixels to its orginal designed size. What is the original not zoomed picture size of the DMD generated via Pinmame? And the same question for Pinball FX2 DMD ? Please help thanks
  6. Does anybody have a Medieval Madness Artworks fitting on a Widebody Cabinet? Or a electronic File of a standard. So I can change the frontdoor to fitting for the frontdoor? Please help cheers
  7. wolfsoft

    Atari ST

    Hi craiganderson, I done the setup and it works, but Steem is loosing focus and goes into background and hyperlaunchhq is in front. I have to use taskmanager to activate steem and must start it via mouse click/startbutton I can't exit steem via exit button It seems hyperlaunch minitray icon is not there... Do you have any hint? cheers
  8. i didn't set the defaults for each system to download. Sorry for my stupid question Its the greatest Project since years... ;-)
  9. Hi FOlks, its my first try to use Hypersync. I installed all Hyperspin clean stuff to drive D: D:\HyperSpin D:\HyperSpin\Media I updated the mame.xml via media configuration I didn't have files in: D:\HyperSpin\Media\Mame only the standard files from a clean fresh hyperspin installation When I am trying to sync but the answer is: no new media as of (current date) what am i missing thanks
  10. I bought one too! @BadBoyBill thanks in advance for this great upgrade. Can't wait until Hyperspin 2.0 will be released :-)
  11. Send me your adress via private message and I will donate a shaker bundle#2 Look here: http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/forum/showthread.php?p=144057#post144057 AND I THINK WE SHOULD THINK OF JPSALAS TOO!!!!
  12. Hi Chris, the parallel way is looking good to power the backbox and playfield flashers at the same time. You can do some cooling with a metalplate on the resitors and use the same glue as for the cree's GREAT WORK!
  13. Hi,

    I'd like to get a shaker / solenoid / lighting kit for use with the LEDWiz from your site.

    What would you recommend for a parts list?



  14. very nice chris! You take it to the limit as ususal... ;-)
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