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  1. same problem,i dont have special characters on my pass
  2. What do you guys thinks? https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=697117527037708&set=a.276588682423930.66819.100002184025827&type=3&theater
  3. Well, after a while i found a package wich got me started, as it took me about 3 days to have around 5 working tables. So i found this package with 116 future pinbal tables ready,i just copy paste the tables and around 95% of them work out of the box. So for those who say that cant share content because each setup its diferent, ill say B U L L S H I T. If you dont want to help, just dont. So if anyone wants the package i just got, feel free to pm me and ill give you the links for it. Thanks for nothing hyperpin A S S H O L E S.... gosh, no wonder people end up buying hyperspin and hyperpin on the net, allmost everyone here gets to posesive for something that its and should be free.....
  4. Thats why im asking for help, to b honest im not a big pinball fan, but it would be cool to have a pinball cab on my collection with maybe 10 games in it, ive allready tested visual pinball 9.9 and it works great on my pc, and im finding out it takes great time to find content for HYPERPIN, first,find a table, second find the rom ,3rd find the Hyperpin art, 4th get everything together. Thats why im asking for help if someone its willing to help sharing a package a small one. Thanks anyway.
  5. So in this super big forum wich lots of member, you mean to tell me no one its willing to help a guy to start up in a new adventure? im not asking for gigabites , im just asking for a few files to start...
  6. Hey, i want to start messing around with hyperpin, and i wonder if theres a small package that someone wants to share, i really dont wanna have tons of tables on my setup so a few tables would do ok. Thanks for any help.
  7. Personalmente no tengo problemas con este tipo de lugares, al contrario, se me hace muy bien que alguien te venda un systema ya configurado y evitarte todas las molestia, pero creo que seria bueno que estas personas, donaran una parte de sus ganancias a los projectos que esten involucrados. Pero cada quien tiene su opinion.
  8. Yo uso el registro para esconder totalmente el hyperspin y no se vea nada windows. Abre una ventana y en buscar pon regedit y le das enter, busca la clave HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon ahi deveras crear un nuevo valor de cadena, nombralo Shell, lo abres y adentro pondras el lugar donde tengas hypespin, ejemplo c:/hyperspin/hyperspin.exe cierras todo y la proxima ves que arranques tu pc, hyperspin estara arrancando solito suerte
  9. Seguro que te va a funcionar? casi siempre esos sistemas los venden encriptados, asi que al menos que tengas todo el contenido tu mismo, te va ser dificil remplasarlo, pero si nada esta encriptado, solo es cuestion de cambiar de FE
  10. abispac

    Linux version

    nononononono nonononononono nonononononono, thats what the boss says....perhaps someone out there can start its own linux version oh HS, more then a linux version i would like to have some sort of its own OS like ultracade...too bad im not a programer...
  11. i had the same problem but on mame, i had to enable sleepoption to 1 and instead of d3d i had to use ddraw, but since your talking about another amu, i can not be sure if this helps.
  12. I sent a reply as best I could. Please review my visitor messages.


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