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  1. NEO207

    Video Snaps not played until end

  2. NEO207

    Video Snaps not played until end

    really? i remember i had a shorter limit and could extend it... but as I mentioned, I forgot how I did it.
  3. i know i had to resolve this problem 2 years ago or so... but can't remember how to extend the time the videos are played in a wheel?! I have a jukebox with some long videos (around 30min) and they are stopped after several minutes and the wheel starts spinning and choosing another song. did not find an option in HyperHQ or do I have to look somewhere else? Thanks
    can you provide a zip folder with all the pictures in it, please?
  4. NEO207

    Launching Emma 02 (RCA Studio II) from Hyperspin

    it wasn't the right key (so not the key for "right") but it was one of the keys and they work now. thank you very much!!!
  5. NEO207

    Launching Emma 02 (RCA Studio II) from Hyperspin

    there is a pack by ghostlost on youtube. i can't get the emulator work - only black screen. maybe you can find a way to play the games and tell me here?
  6. NEO207

    Atari ST

    Which Emulator are you using? I downloaded the ATARI ST Pack from Ghostlost and the Games work but however, the emulator starts minimized. I have to press Alt+Tab and choose Hatari (the emulator). Anyone knows how to fix this issue?
  7. NEO207

    Looking for directory...

    Can anyone tell me where to put in pictures that are displayed when switching from one system to another? Normally there is the Hyperspin logo fading before you change the system in the main menu. I have sonic when choosing sega and nintendo coins when choosing n64 and so on. I would like to add more and don't know where the directory is. The ones I already have are from packs downloaded somewhere.
  8. What is D&D? Hope you solve your problems, I am happy that I found a solution for everyone with a similar setup like mine. Kind regards
  9. I had to repair 5 or so. So I opened them individually
  10. I SOLVED THIS PROBLEM - Just open the "shifted" wheels with a program like photoshop, paint, or picture it and choose "save as... PNG". It seems like these files were JPGs or BMPs and I only changed the name from xxx.jpg to xxx.png --> so it wasn`t a real PNG file. Just open and save the picture as PNG and the problem should be gone!
  11. Ok Thanks. I am thinking about going back to 1.4 ... hmm...
  12. Hello. Since the latest Hyperspin update, I got some wheels which are shifted to the right and I can`t figure out the reason. Any ideas? In the picture it is FIX IT FELIX but I got a lot more :/
  13. NEO207

    Assign 2 buttons --> 1 key with joy2key

    i want to use "back" + "start" for exit because "back" (or select) is my hotkey in mame and retroarch...
  14. hi everyone. Is it possible to assign two buttons on the controller for ESCAPE, so I can quit Dolphin Emulator, for example? I found the "SHIFT" function but it is always disabled and can`t be changed. Anyone can help? best regards