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  1. it worked! Thanks!! Now i have to repair my dolphin emulator (games start with the new updated module, but in the back of the loading screen, which still leads to an error in rocket launcher). should i start a new post or may I ask you here: How to skip the bios (intro video of ps1) in retroarch? i didn't see the intro in epsx and find it quite annoying although a lot of people love the intro. i already checked the quick menu after starting a game but had no luck
  2. Thanks i will check the module for dolphin... with retroarch... to be more precise, i only have a problem starting ps1 games, i managed to sort out the problem with other systems. i wanted to change from ePSX to retroarch to have almost every system running on retroarch (better compatibility, same commands, etc.)... do i have to add something in the module so that ps1/psx games run through rocketlauncher/hyperspin? kind regards and thanks!
  3. Hello hyperspinners... I updated my retroarch to 1.9 by downloading the retroarch folder and overwriting my existing Retroarch folder. I have done that a couple of times without any problems so far but this time, i can access the games via retroarch directly but the games won't open, when i want to start them through hyperspin. Besides that, I have the exact same problem with the dolphin emulator. games start via dolphin perfectly but don`t start through hyperspin. when i exit hyperspin via task manager, i can see that the dolphin emulator window gets opened by "starting the game via hyperspin".
  4. any idea where to find rom / emulator? i played this in thailand and would love to play it again at home
  5. Version 1.0.0


    before anyone goes mad: I used a wheel that I liked and erased the picture because I like the frame. So the frame is not created by me.
  6. if that is not ok, let me know and i will delete it
  7. sorry found that via google pics and saved it. I will add your name to the Credits. I use that border in my main menu so I "had to" do that for me and wanted to share for people who want to use this border too.
  8. Version 1.0.0


    HyperSearch Wheel artwork made by ninja2bceen . I bordered it to make it fit to my setup
  9. thank you for all your work. have you created all the themes recently or long time ago? so is it just a reup? i love your work. hope to get more themes for sega or nintendo systems!

  10. i copied the files to media/main menu /special ... i overwrote the files but nothing changed in HyperSpin. I haven't changed the HyperHQ Settings yet but I thought I should have seen any difference after only overwriting the existing files or did I choose the wrong folder? regards
  11. Hello Avar. Is there a download limit on this page? I cannot download any theme anymore. The download fails all the time. If there is no limit, I'll try installing another browser than Firefox. Kind regards

    1. NEO207


      i solved the problem. the hdd was full :-O

    2. Avar


      Glad you got it sorted XD

  12. Ikaruga (NGC / Dreamcast / PC) View File Ikaruga Theme use with... - ... Sega Dreamcast Version - ... Nintendo GameCube Version - ... PC Version Submitter NEO207 Submitted 06/19/2017 Category Themes (4:3) HyperBase Version Media Dimensions File Count Credits  
  13. Ghost Blade HD (PC) Theme View File Ghost Blade HD (PC) Theme Submitter NEO207 Submitted 06/19/2017 Category Themes (4:3) HyperBase Version Media Dimensions File Count Credits  
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